Sunday, 24 August 2014

I was never an avid coffee drinker. 

Previously, I would occasionally pop into Starbucks for a Mocha Frap / Matcha Frap fix and Old Town for a cup of White Coffee. All these just for some casual enjoyment. Things change after I started dating a coffee addict ;P He would need a long black fix everyday without fail.

I  start to get prone to anxiety attacks from coffee fix since about four years ago. I feel my heart beat racing at a tremendous rate and I can't seems to focus on anything! It is definitely not a pretty feeling but it only happens if the caffeine is kinda strong or if I take in more than one shot of caffeine. It also doesn't help that the body of a woman omits caffeine slower than the body of a man.

Anywayyy.. dating a coffee addict let's me go cafe hopping whenever we date. He claims to be kind of a coffee expert, so it's really fun to try out coffee from different cafes! Haha.. I love going cafe hopping! You can actually find a lot of independent new cafe around in instagram just by searching this tag #CafeHopKL One of the cafe we visited was this. Oh Scooter! Cafe ~

I was actually quite excited about visiting this cafe because they have a drink which uses a very original and fun concept! 

It's fluffy Cotton Candy! Which girl doesn't melt at the sight of cotton candy! Reminds me of Katy Perry's Candy Theme Mv. Haha.. It might look like it's a kid thing but I really love the sight of Cotton Candy ^^ Sweet n Fluffy Sweet n Fluffy Sweet n Fluffy Sweet n Fluffy..... haha. Can even go crazy when blogging.

As always, he wanted long black but I wanted to try their Signature Coffee and their Signature Soda. Greedy me I know.. haha but he gave in to my desire. We ordered their Signature Coffee RM11.90 and their Signature Soda RM8.90 ! Waited like an excited little kid at heart while I watch them prepare the cup of milk, coffee and the cotton candy at the bar. I love people watching. Especially people preparing coffee. ^^

So, what do you do with the tray of ingredients for this Signature Coffee? First you dip in the cotton candy. You can see  the cotton candy which is intact with the milk slowly dissolves into the milk. Then you use the spoon or the stick to scrap the remaining into the milk and stir. Lastly, you pour in your shot of espresso and stir! It was a fun process. I absolutely love the aroma! It smells really really good. I actually thought it tasted quite yummy too but bf said that aroma can cheat. He feels that the cup of coffee is too sweet and the coffee was just alright. As expected coz he never liked coffee with added ingredients. Just the boring long black. ;P 

The Signature Soda taste sour and sweet. Not quite sure what is the ingredients but citrus juice should be one of them. This one I had to agree that it is a tad bit too sweet in taste. Nothing much fancy about this soda though. Nothing special that tickles my taste bud. Ordinary and too sweet in my opinion. 

They cleared up the messed after we cooked up our cup of Signature Coffee. Haha.. I quite like the interior of the cafe but it can be quite noisy because I think they are getting a lot of customers every day due to the hype about their Signature Coffee. Haha..

Boyfie went there again the week after with his friends as they wanted to check out the place. Somehow, a very unexpected incident happened. It goes like this;

Boyfie ordered his usual Long Black but it smells and tasted funny, like it was brewed from defect beans. He approached the counter and asked them to check the coffee. Funny enough, the barista and the owner there do not find that there is any problem with the coffee. Boyfie said the owner commented that there does not seems to be anything wrong with the smell and it is fine.Still, they offered him a new cup of coffee. The new cup of coffee have the same problem because they brew it using the pack of beans. Boyfie didn't bother to approach them anymore. He and friends can actually see all the baristas and owner grouping together and probably discussing about his comment on their coffee as they were facing their table. A barista then came over and asked if the coffee was okay. Boyfie told them that it has the same taste as previous. They then brewed him another cup using beans from another new pack. The awkward smell and taste is still there but not that strong anymore. 

After that trip, he told me that we will not be going to that cafe anymore. Banned from his list. Lol. He always face these kind of problem with food and drinks. I told him it is because he is too fussy about them. Lol! *teary eyes*

Anyway, what he told me from his visit did not give me a good impression after all. It gives me a weird perception that the people operating the cafe actually does not know coffee. Does not know difference between a cup of coffee brewed from good beans and defect beans. Also the fact that they can actually tell the customer that there is nothing wrong with their coffee totally had me stunned.

There is definitely room for improvement in terms of their coffee knowledge.

Oh Scooter! Cafe
Jalan USJ 21/10,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 03-8011-5507

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