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As the title suggest.. mostly FOOD!

Langkawi is a pretty small island and the place for good food is actually not many. Have tried a few when we were there last year (am deliberating if I should blog about them) and this year, we tried different place food again.

It was extremely hot when we got off the airport. Rented a Viva for RM70 since it is more convenient and cost about the same if we travel by cab. Before heading to our place for the night at Kuah, we figured that we should get some food first.

1. THAI MAMA @ Jalan Pantai Tengah

This was our first stop because one of my friend wanted to try this badly on our last day (last year) but it wasn't open for business yet. So, this year, die die have to try this restaurant. Lol. Found this restaurant advertised on the Langkawi Free Map with a picture of a boy name Justin recommending it. I have no idea who this kid is but we jokingly figure out that it must be the kid of the owner. Haha..

First thing you order in Langkawi is tax-free beer! (provided that you are of legal age). the quarter of lime that came with it was scrawny and dry. Disappointing that they could not even offer a proper fresh lime.

There was only 2 attendants and the restaurant doesn't look exactly open. We were the only customers. Perhaps it was because we were there around 3pm.

The place looks pretty decent but somehow does not feel very comfortable.

Some flies were seen buzzing around. Not a good sight at all. We ordered 3 dishes to go with plain rice. 1. Green Curry Chicken. 2. Deep Fried Cuttlefish 3. Plain Fried Kangkung.

This was a total disappointment.Rarely do we taste unfresh chicken meat but this place totally nailed it! In fact, it was very disgusting to have it in the mouth. It was so bad we did not even want to touch that dish. Is business that bad that food are kept to near rotting? Even when we gave feedback about this during billing, no response was given. *totally shock*

This was a disappointment as well. The cuttlefish was not crunchy but was very dry. Not delicious but just edible.

This has got to be the best dish on the table! Plain fried Kangkung!

Summary, this place serves horrible food. The flies there were very irritating as well. We just want to fill our hungry stomach and get out of that place. I would totally recommend everyone not to go there. I don't know how they could even survive more than a year. Perhaps all their customers and passerby. Doubt anyone would come back for the horrible food and free company of flies.

Total spent: RM54.00

2.MANGOES BAR & GRILL @ Kuala Teriang

Found some good rating and review on Tripadvisor and decided to give this place a try. Open up by an expatriate couple who could be retiring here. The place was hard to find as it is hidden in some secluded dark area. It didn't help that it began to drizzle when we were getting there.

Was looking towards some authentic good home cooked Aussie food. Setting was very local and nothing fancy. Place was dimly lit like some candlelight restaurant.

When we sat down, no one came to serve us. We waited and waited. A group of people came in and got served. Not sure if they have made a booking before that. A man who has a dark skin tone went to serve the table. We sighed.

Then a group of Caucasians came in and sat down. The host was very friendly to them and personally talked to them and took their order. Could be regular customers who are expats as well.

We were getting frustrated and would have left if it wasn't because of the rain. The man finally came over after what seems like an eternity. It was tough trying to communicate with him because he does not seems to understand what we were saying even though we were talking in English. It was major confusion and he did not even understand when we asked for his lady boss.

We finally figured out that he will only take the order for beverages first and will only write down what you point to him. After a long time, he came back to take order for food. Again, it was tough communicating with him.

We were not at all familiar with the food names such as Bratwurst Sauerkraut, Wiener Schnitzel and so on.. and do not know what the heck was that. All we could do was ask Mr.Google for help. Seriously, thank you Mr.Google. You practically saved our lives!

We were practically hungry and tired while waiting for the meal. It was a really long wait. Can you imagine us hungry even after we took some light food before heading to this place?

I ordered Chicken Schnitzel (RM23)a boneless meat thinned with a meat tenderizer, coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs and then fried. (ripped of Wikipedia) side with sauteed onion mash potato which was very aromatic.

The Chicken Schnitzel was pretty new to me but it taste fine just like a home cooked meal. Looks a little over fried though. Portion was just enough to satisfy the stomach. It does not have the super delicious love at first sight omph taste but just comfortable home cooked food.

Lamb Loin Chop (RM33) . Lamb loins are usually not fatty but this plate of Lamb Loin Chop came with a thick layer of fat and looked like it was cooked drown in oil. From the picture you can actually see the reflective layer of cooking oil on the meat. You would be shock to see the amount of oil on the plate below the meat. Overall, she probably just enjoyed half of it which were actual tender meat.

She feedback to the host on the dish but there was no feedback about it. Guess they didn't think a customer feedback is useful or meant anything.

Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM35) - a meat wrapped around cheese or cheese filling then breaded and pan fried or deep fried. (ripped off Wikipedia)

The dish came out near black. To me, it looks over deep fried as well.  *wonders how much cancer cell it will promote* I tried a bite but I couldn't taste any cheese. It pretty much taste like my Chicken Schnitzel. No offense but a let down. Again, taste like a normal home cooked meal.

Total spent: RM100 w/ drinks (3 bottles of mineral water)

Was the meal worth it? I would say it was only worth the new experience but not because the food was delicious. I am  very skeptical about going back there.

The only review I find very true on TripAdvisor is this;

“Mediocre food - over priced”

2 of 5 stars Reviewed 12 August 2010

Ate here twice, just to give it a second chance - but still not convinced.

The food was edible, but lack lustre. I ordered the cordon bleu - and that's all that was on the plate - just this sad lump of bread-crumbed meat that smelled and tasted or old reheated cooking oil. Where were the vegetables? Ah - well if I wanted vegetables I should have ordered them! I recheck the menu and see that the price of the meal almost doubles if you want veg and potatoes with your meat.

This place caters to the local expatriate community - over 60's only please - not that I'm ageist, but there was a certain retirement home atmosphere both times I went. Visitors who are not regulars can wait to be seated or served until the regulars get served. The service was friendly, but drunk (admittedly original for Malaysia) and got steadily drunker as the evening went on.

Could not agree more that you will only get the service if you are expats there who visit frequently.

3. PUTUMAYO @ Jalan Pantai Cenang

2nd time here. Was here last year as well for lunch and was very satisfied with the meal and price. Place looks very comfortable and clean. This is one of the place that offers proper food at evening time around 3pm where else most places would have closed after serving the lunch hours.

Coincidentally,  we all ordered fruit juices of different shades! We were just back from Koh Lipe and were hungry to nutritional drinks. Lol.

My Tom Yam Fried Rice! Looks nothing special but it taste decent and very satisfying :) Could not remember the price but it was priced pretty decent with the environment and the meal.

will be continued..



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