Thursday, 22 May 2014


Sorry for disappearing for such a long time! Had quite a trip and been sick for almost 2 weeks! *sniff sniff* Still down with mild running nose.


Anyway, here's a short review on Home Made Fish Head Noodle in Midvalley Megamall!

The amount of customers alone can tell you that the food here is worth a try. 

It's been around in Midvalley for at least 4 to 5 years. Kind of brings back a nostalgic feeling when I was working in Topshop years ago. Think I have been there for twice or so. Not that the food is not good but it was considered pricey back then when I was working in a retail shop.

Anyway, this eatery is probably like a family business and the management style is kind of like Chinese style I guess. Lack some proper management. Waiting customers scatter around. Some waiting inside while some waiting outside and the those who serve did not even know who came first. They should really standardize and control where customers should be waiting.

Went there for a quick lunch with mom. Ordered just one drink and shared it because it was quite a lot. Passion Fruit Green Tea. Taste good  and goes well together.:) Looks kinda cute too how they decorate it. Price is pretty reasonable for the size and considering the location.

Yee Mee Fried Fish Head Noodle. Noodle does not get soggy like most noodles does when left in the soup for long. Noodle stays bouncy which gives a great eating experience. Soup base is not too milky nor salty. Some people put in too much milk that make the soup bland but they got the taste just right. Yummy!

One of the thing I hate when having this noodle is the fish bones! Sometimes there are so much fish bones I get so tired of digging them out and having them stuck in between my teeth *ouch* Therefore, I would rather not have this noodle if the fish is so boney and mind you that these bones are all so small and many! Mom advice we to order the part near the fish stomach where the bones are bigger and less but I don't really fancy that part as well. There is just one kind of taste on the inner layer skin around the stomach area. 

Second thing that matters is the freshness of the fish. I am not a seafood fan bcause I really hate the taste and smell of seafood which are not fresh >.< Makes me wants to throw up.. Therefore I always opt for fried fish. They cut down on the unfresh taste in a way. I'm glad the fish here are fine. The fish meat feels a little too soft though but mom said that it is fine as long as there is no unfresh taste to it.

Hor Fun Fried Fish Head Noodle. Not sure if I ordered this or Mee Hoon. Funny thing is, it came in Mee Hoon first. I wasn't sure if I did order Mee Hoon or Hor Fun so I asked to check but they insist that they will replace it for me. Funny people. Guess they were trying to give the best service where customer is always right. Makes me wanna have Mee Hoon instead. Hor Fun taste fine though. Portion is really huge. A little more than I would usually eat so I was totally stuffed at the end of the meal. 

It looks like there were just a few pieces of miserable fish meat but believe me, it's enough.

Noodle price is reasonable considering the location. Food quality is pretty standard and controlled. I guess that's why it is always jam packed during lunch hour. Try to avoid this time if you could. Serving was fast but you might need to wait for customers to finish their meal. They also have tables outdoor if you do not mind having to eat without air-condition.

Good place to have a casual meal.

G(E)-015, Ground External Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Seputeh, 59200
03-2282 0216



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