Saturday, 10 May 2014

Music is my drug.

When I look for escape from the reality, I turn to music. Most of them relate to emo-tions. Not a healthy genre but it makes me feel so much better. Even if it's for a while.

That's why music is my drug. Not healthy but it makes me feel good.


The war is on! I'm kidding, but still they are straight on rivals / competitors two Penang White Curry Instant Noodle!

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle vs. Penang Favourite Ah Lai White Curry Noodle

Ingredients to my yummy curry noodles! Non-halal Pig Skin Slice from the Chee Cheong Fun lady, some Toufu Pok cut into triangle halfs, with String Beans aka Chinese Long Beans.

Toufu Pok (not sure what's the other name) is actually my favourite ingredient in Curry Noodles! I love how when I squish it in my mouth and all the yummy soup flows out! Yums! but it can be a pain in d $ sometimes when the soup is too hot that it might burn your tongue.

Let's see what's in the package.

MyKuali Instant Noodle, Chilli Paste, Non-Dairy Creamer (replacement for santan) and Seasoning.

Ah Lai Instant Noodle, Chilli Paste, Seasoning Powder (i) and Seasoning Powder (ii). Think it is probably the similar packets with 1 seasoning powder and 1 Non-dairy Creamer

The outcome!  Looks crazy delicious even as I am writing this entry. *hungry* MyKuali's soup has a rich sunset colour and no doubt that it has a stronger chilli taste and spicier. Mom commented that the the Serai smell is stronger too making it more aromatic.

I had to agree that this is more aromatic and more tasty for curry lovers.

Ah Lai's White Curry broth has a softer taste. More rich creamy taste rather than a bold chilli and curry taste. People who likes their curry to be creamy and less spicy would love Ah Lai's White Curry Noodle instead.

MyKuali's noodle texture is pretty much alike that of Maggi's. It takes quite a while to soften down when cooking but careful not to overcook the noodle or they will turn soggy. I think that is the tricky part.

Ah Lai's noodle texture and cooking method is similar with MyKuali's. They take a long time to start to soften down but once they start to soften down, you got to be alert not to let it cook too long or else it will turn soggy as well.

I think it is important not to use too much water during the cooking of these curry noodles as it might lighten the taste and a watery white curry noodle is nothing near delicious.

Try them and let me know your preference!



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