Thursday, 29 May 2014

Everytime I fell inlove with a song, I kept it playing on loop until I get sick of it.
Does anyone else do that? or am I just the weird one.


This is probably my 2nd or 3rd time at Bone and Pot Steamboat. Don't know why but I always remember it as Pork & Bone instead. Too crazy about pork bone soup. Haha..

I was never a fan of steamboat until new steamboat/shabu concept surface. One of the reason why I didn't very much like the old style steamboat is that I never liked how there's always prawn, fishball and that sort of stuff.

The new steamboat concept style offers a lot of different variety to choose from. Not sure if it is the food or the presentable creativity that got me hooked! I guess it is both. I guess it is a girl's weakness to give in to everything that looks nice..

Few type of dippings to enhance the dishes.1. Soy sauce. 2. Chilli Flakes. 3.Fu Yee (Fermented Chili Beans which my friend said was peanut paste when she taste it for the first time.. swt) 4. Fried Garlic 5. Chili Oil 6. Chili Padi Sauce. Sounds like a lot of chili...

The yummilicious Golden Bean Curd @ Rm5.80. this is probably one of the famous starter in Bone & Pot. Almost every table would order this. Within the soft crisp outer layer lies a very soft and smooth cube of beancurd. So smooth it taste like milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. The sensation of having it in your mouth just makes you want to close your eyes and slowly enjoy the melting taste and aromatic smell.

My choice; fried garlic and fu yee.

Japanese Egg Toufu - love it slightly fried and the super smooth eggy toufu texture. Lamb Slice - love all these meat slice especially lamb slice! Yumm! I can really go crazy over them if it was buffer style! Taiwanese Pork Ball - one of my favourite as well.. Yau Mak, one of favourite vegetables. Fish dumpling.. I'm not a fan of dumpling as well but I always like this specific dumpling with this thick skin. Lastly, Yee Mee.. We didn't actually cook the Yee Mee. Two of my friends, coincidentally both pharmacist, were nibbling away bits by bits like as if it is Mamee Monster noodle. Got to say the Yee Mee was very fresh because usually they would have the stale oil taste if it isn't fresh.

Pork belly slice. Like pork bacon. Don't know how this works but sometimes when pork belly is cooked, the layer of 'fat' taste uninviting but this one taste fine when cooked. Not bad.  (:

Beancurd Puff stuffed with minced pork meat. So much pork, I know! but that's what made this meal super awesome! Many many Chinese cuisine restaurants and converting into Halal status it's kinda frustrating for me because every time I go for Chinese cuisine, I look forward to porky dishes. ): So, yea. Double thumbs up for all these porky dishes! At the back is the very delicious Luncheon Meat. Probably a very unhealthy preserved food but it is crazy delicious, no kidding! Whenever I am having steamboat with friends, this dish will never be missed! Sometimes even order in a few!

That's pretty much what we ordered for a 3 person meal. The food were all very fresh even though there were just a few table on that night. Probably because it was a weekday and it was crazy jam everywhere..

Now it's time to dump all in, wait for it to cook and enjoy the meal! The pork bone is huge! Tapau it back for my boys and I'm sure they super love it!

Itadakimasu! Let's eat!

At the end of the meal, it cost us about RM40++ per person. Pretty reasonable for steamboat. The bill always end up around that figure. Pretty expensive meal but it's alright to splurge once in a while and enjoy steamboat with your friends (:

Bone & Pot Old Klang Road Branch
4, Lorong 2/137C, 
Jalan Kelang Lama, 
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
017-3819953/ 03.7783 6260



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