Tuesday, 27 May 2014

When you're stressed about something, quick get it done and over with.
The longer you wait, the more your stress piles up and the worse it feels.


Smmmile, it's three cheesy with mini shell pasta!

Got this from an atas supermarket in Ampang. Can't remember the name but it is just beside Victoria Station across the lane. It is really nice to visit marts that sell a lot of imported things. Kinda looks like window shopping. You won't really buy them but you just like to stroll through and scan through them.

Suddenly felt like crazing for Macaroni & Cheese, so I got this and another flavour. Can't remember which. Will review later.

Open up the small box and I find the macaroni exposed without sealed packing. Kinda horrifying actually because whenever I think about the supermarket, it gives me a picture of rats running all over the place when lights are shut off. Therefore, to have food exposed like this, is the least I would expect actually.

Does it looks like a commercial shot? Haha.. so what's inside the box is the macaroni and a packet of cheesus powder! Got to admit that those are really cute seashell pasta! Marketing selling point to attract people like me. Lol.

So I boiled them in water and separate them when it is cooked.

Add in milk and vegetable cooking oil. suppose to be butter but I couldn't find any at home! Really didn't expect that we would be out of butter.. *swt*

Then I add in the packet of 3 cheesus powder! Sure smells freaking good!

The outcome! Home cooked instant Macaroni and Cheese! Sorry if it looks gross. Lol.

It taste nice but would definitely be more aromatic if I had butter =/ Portion is quite huge. Good for 2 person.

Feel kinda bloated before I can get half way through.. It's really not bad. Better than some other brands which after cooked, still gives me a powdery taste.. >.<



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