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When you need to make a decision regarding your life, your journey, you need to trust yourself.
After all, you are the one who is going to have to go through it and face the consequences.


Bankara is the Ramen!

Since my trip to Japan, the Ramen I ate in Malaysia taste pretty bland. This is the neg effect of tasting something to authentic and yummy from their motherland x.x

But thennnn.... Bankara Ramen gave me some hope!

Bankara Ramen is another newly open Ramen chainstore from Japan and since they have around 60 outlets in their motherland, I guess it's worth a try!

Menu is pretty simple and you get to choose what you prefer to have or not have in your bowl. You get what you read. Tonkotsu means Pork Bone Broth Soup and for me, this is probably the best ramen broth! *porky lover*

Prices are pretty standard but the serving is really huge! Just like the serving portion in Japan. It would probably keep your tummy occupied for at least half a day!

Tsukemen Menu.. Tsukemen means dipping noodle. The broth and the noodle comes separately and what you do is get hold of some noodle with your chopstick, dip it into the hot soup and slurp it up! the noodles are usually cold and the broth thick and hot!

Choice of additional toppings for your favourite bowl of Ramen! My favourite would Ni Tamago - medium boiled egg marinated in special soy sauce and Chashu - braised pork roll slice! 

This is our bowl Tonkotsu Chashu (recommended with a red star on the menu)! Thin noodle in milky pork bone soup served with 4 slices of Chashu, spring onion, jew's ear mushroom slices and seaweed! I really like the tenderness of the Chashu! yum! Would be better if it's thicker.

Extra topping - Ni Tamago - medium boiled egg marinated in special soy sauce! Look at the orangy melting egg yolk! It was served cold though. Would have love it if it came hot.

This is the recommended Tsukemen as well. Thick cold noodle with hot spicy soup served with Chashu, bamboo shoots and seaweed. Bamboo shoots are not my favourite but I don't mind having them.

The broth is just a tad bit spicy. Even a person like me who can't withstand spicy food will be able to take it. The noodles are a little dry though. Tsukemen noodles are usually run through with cold water leaving the noodle a little cold and non-sticky as the noodles are still wet.

The broth are usually very thick or thicker than the Ramen broth as the noodles are cook separately which makes it tasteless. When dip into the thick, would taste super heavenly! *yum*

There is much room for improvement for this Tsukemen. Broth is not hot enough and the not thick at all. Infact, I think the Tonkotsu above has a thicker broth.

We ordered hot green tea as well and again, the temperature was not high enough. It was just warm. Maybe it was because we were pretty much their first customers when we sat down.

Still I think they serve one of the best ramen around. Worth a try for first timer! I would probably be back for a second :)

It is quite a small place, offering a pretty cosy environment. Could easily fit around 60 - 70 people in there I think..

Lot 2-7, Level 2, Avenue K,
156, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
t: +603 - 2181 8618

Check out their facebook at;



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