Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Continuing my food tasting in Langkawi!

4. SUGAR @ Pantai tengah

Am going to review these two place together which is like a brother sister restaurant.

Before I got to know about these two eateries, I chance upon La Pari Pari, a small hotel with a beautiful concept like non other in Langkawi. Sugar and FatCupid  are two ideas who came from the same people.

Hence, you can definitely expect something amazing from them.

I was pretty excited when I found out about Sugar. It gives a totally different feeling to this holiday trip. Usually, when I travel in my own country, I would only expect the local feel. This, however, makes me feel like I am having a very relaxing holiday at an island abroad. Does not feel like home at all as the surrounding was not set to express the asian vibe.

When I was there, I fell really in love with the place. It makes me feel really comfortable and relaxed. That's how vacations should be like. Love the wooden chairs and tables, soft colour table clothes..

Definitely a romantic getaway for couples. Would even be better if their comfy accommodations are located here.

A simple bar for mixing drinks..

Relaxing bench.

Just by the beach with a sunrise/sunset view. I think I can spend a long time just sitting there day dreaming. Lol.

Some sneak peak on the menu. Prices are of course well suited to the environment it provides and also the food they serve. Pretty worth it I would say although could come up to some hefty bill.



Orange Juice. FatCupid Punch. Blackberry Thingy. RM15 for each FAKE-tails (cocktails)

FatCupid Punch is not bad. Blackberry Thingry turned out to be not my thing. Kinda taste like a mix with Ribena.

Ordered Chicken Ceasar Salad (RM25). Very delicious and appetizing. Makes me feel like we should stay and have dinner there but we wanted to try Mangoes Bar and Grill (bad choice) =/

If I ever go back to Langkawi, I think I will give it a go with a full course meal here.

Banana Coconut Crepe (RM18). Love the mixture of coconut cream with vanilla ice-cream and banana with crepe. Warm banana slice with cold chocolate melting in your mouth just leaves a smile on your face. Great dessert which is just light enough to end the meal with.

Total spent: RM86

5. fatCUPID  @ Jalan Teluk Baharu off Jalan Pantai Tengah

Quite a variety of choices to choose from but we have decided on a few. Were hungry and tired and looking forward to a good meal.

Nasi Ayam Pontay (RM25) - slow cooked chicken (“stew style”) infused with herbs, spices, shiitake mushrooms & potatoes. accompanied by cucumber & pineapple salad, stir fried asian veggies & white rice!

My friend said this taste weird. I could not adapt fully to the taste as well. Think it might be some kinda asian fusion dish...

Vegetarian Tofu & Mushroom Burger RM25) - fatCUPID's very own tofu and mushroom patty that can even tempt some meat eaters!

Did not try this but friend said it's not bad. I wonder how it taste like... Tofu in burger.. hmm..

Nyonya Chicken Curry (RM26) - this is probably the most familiar asian dish. Haha.. Friend were actually giving me a look saying 'Have you not enough of coconut milk in Koh Lipe?' Lol..

I actually felt the santan flavour was quite okay but my friend said the santan taste was strong. Quite a nice meal but nothing to shout about. A very neat set of dish I would say but definitely would not pay the price for this taste.

We visit fatCUPID during night time and it was crazy full of mosquitoes. We practically smacked like about 3 mosquitoes each during the meal because they were feeding on us =/

A very uncomfortable meal. I asked if they have any mosquito coil but they burnt something like citronella oil under our table but it doesn't seem to be working at all.

Minus the mosquitoes and a more reasonable price, I would go back to that place. Or perhaps go for the western titles.

Total spent: RM 76

Had a peak at La Pari Pari and it does looks really gorgeous. minus the mosquitoes.

I really hate mosquitoes..



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