Wednesday, 28 June 2017

May has always been my favourite month. I don't really hope for all things good to happen during other months but May has always been my hopeful months for everything nice to happen ^^ This post will just be about being grateful and sharing all the good things that happened in the special month of May. :)

I never once went for hair treatment after I've coloured my hair numerous times since last year. Guess I owe my hair a really nice treatment for all the hard work I've put it through. It was pretty dry, always in tangles after hair wash. With this, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to PRO HAIRDRESSING TEAM for pampering my hair. My hair condition truly improved a lot! Hair has not been tangled till now. They are a bit far for me to visit but their service is superb and comfortable. Going on top of my list for salon to visit now! I'm thinking of a new hair colour after browsing through their instagram. Hmm... what colour next? <3  

Yes, my hair is too damaged that I need to go get another hair treatment *smiley sweat face* Lucky to know that members get free treatment at Number76 during birthday month! Yay for the happy news! You can opt for Scalp treatment or Hair Treatment. For me, of course I will opt for Hair Treatment! <3 Thank you for the Milbon Hair Treatment that last good for a month, with a follow-up hair mask to be used every week! I actually use it everytime I wash my hair instead of weekly. Hehe.. 

My first teeth whitening experience at Tokyo Smiles Express! My teeth might not seems so yellowy to you but somehow every time I look at my teeth, I seem to think that they look quite yellow and this thought has always been bothering me. So I'm really glad to finally go through teeth whitening and the result was pure happiness! The treatment is extremely professional and can't be compared to those affordable DIY teeth whitening you can do at home. Those usually just peels off the outer layer to whiten your teeth. Find out more about it here! Thank you Tokyo Smiles Express

Thank you for going on a day trip to Melaka with me  on my day off! Missed out Huskitory and some other good food but it was still a good trip none the less! Shot my first trip video to Melaka and visits to some cafe and tasted the famous Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup, Taste Good Durian Puff and Klebang Coconut Shake! <3 Wait up for my post on my Melaka One Day Trip video while reading about my food journey here! <3

Thank you for the birthday dinner at LI Damansara! Wanted to try this place for a while and finally drop by for birthday dinner! They do have some special exquisite taste which is out of the norm. Place is pretty comfortable for a quiet dinner. They are situated just beside Atria. Will blog about it soon too! <3

Thank you for this cute balloon! The next best thing that could make me happy on a  special occasion is balloon after flower. Guess there's a little girl in heart. Hehe..

Last of all, thank you everyone for the warm wishes!

I hope everyone has had a good month in May too! <3

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