Saturday, 3 June 2017

Let's start with a question;

How many of you are attracted to a beautiful smile at first sight?

I have at admit, I am one of those who are attracted to people with beautiful smiles. I envy them and I look up to them for creating such warm vibes, they just seems so beautiful and friendly! Irresistible! Opss, so now you know my secret!

I left a trail on my instagram just recently saying that my trip to Tokyo Smiles Express has just made my smile so much better! How? Just like the red carpet smiles, I now have the shades of charming white teeth!   

If you're thinking that teeth whitening is actually scaling the outer layer of your teeth to achieve a whiter shade, you're actually wrong. If you're thinking that it is actually teeth cleaning, the yearly trips to the dentist which we make to remove stubborn  plaques cavities, tartar and also stains on the surface caused by food and drinks that we intake or smoking, it's not either.

How teeth whitening works is actually decomposing the yellow or colour pigments inside our teeth to bring out the whiteness of the teeth themselves. Hence, it does not involve any shaving of the outer teeth layer.

The whitening gel used consist mainly of adjusted urea peroxide and hydrogen peroxide which are usually used in disinfects such as mouth rinse, and are FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved. Hence, the gel is safe for use and convince you further, tens of millions people have experienced it in the United States. 

As mentioned above, the active whitening ingredient will penetrate into your enamel to discolour molecules, react with oxygen to decompose the pigments leading to a whiter teeth. Hence, do not worry that the procedure will end up damaging your teeth! 

I went through the recommended 2 session for every first timer for a better result. What is the result of the treatment, you might ask. Well, it all depends on each individual. However, by going for more treatments, it will not only help to whiten your teeth more but your teeth whiteness will maintain for a longer time too!

For maintenance, we will only need to go through one session each time. Maintenance session is required because the shade of our teeth might turn darker again gradually. As we age, our teeth enamel will become thinner and the thickness of the dentin increases. The dentin of teeth has a natural light yellow shade and as the enamel which covers over it gets thinner, the colour of the dentin gets more obvious and visible causing our teeth to look more yellow.  

Is there anything you should take note before going to the treatment? Well, here a list that might interest you;

  • Get treatment for cavity before going for whitening treatment as the whitening procedure might cause some pain if there is any exposed part.
  • Whitening is only effective on actual teeth and naturally caused yellow ones. It is absolutely not effective on artificial tooth, fillings and extensions.
  • 1 session will only take 30 minutes.
  • Procedure of whitening only take 3 steps; 1) cleansing teeth surface 2) applying whitening gel 3) accelerating teeth whitening wiht LED light.
  • It is extremely rare that the treatment will be painful during the process. However, some people might have sensitive teeth and it might cause some minor pain. The pain is only temporary and will be gone in due time. However, should you feel that the pain is unbearable, please to inform the dentist to adjust the strength of the treatment.
  • There will be a list of forbidden food 24 hours after the treatment. The list will be provided for your convenience.

I am extremely satisfied and happy to experience my first teeth whitening with Tokyo Smiles Express. Tokyo Smiles Express is operated by the Mediqol Group of Japan and which is why I have confidence in the centre. If you know me, I am always more confident with products and services by Japan. This experience has just increase my trust and confidence towards Japan.

Thank you, So Iizuka for the great first experience and warm hospitality! I would very much recommend this to everyone who is dreaming for an irresistible smile! Attention to those who will be having a birthday, a blind date, a wedding or any day important at all! 

Here's a special price when you mention my name for first time visits;

2 treatments (recommended for first time):
Normal price - RM550
**Mention Patricia / Tenshichn for Special Price - RM450

1 treatment (normal treatment):
Normal price - RM398
**Mention Patricia / Tenshichn for Special Price - RM300

Tokyo Smiles Express

a: D4-G4-3, Solaris Dutamas, No.1, Jalan Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
t: 03-6211 7558 / 016-9040 702

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  1. Wow the machine looks super cool! And only 30 minutes? That's seriously so good!

    yanrula x

    1. Yes! Super fast when you're comfortably seated watching Disney movie. Haha..

      Check out promotion price!

  2. Attractive smile is all because of perfect shaped and clean teeth. My friend went for her dental treatment at one of the best dentist Hermosa Beach few days back. Impressed with the fabulous services provided in such lesser prices. Tips given in the brochure are interesting. Shared them with me too.