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 // Tenryu-Ji Temple 天龍寺 // 

Back to sharing about my Japan trip! My stay was at Osaka all the time but since Kyoto was really near, just a train ride away, (everything seems to be so convenient in Japan!) I planned for a day trip there. First thing first, to the Arashiyama District because the Bamboo Forest there is just so mesmerizing!

// Kuri - Temple Living Quarters //

How to get from Osaka to Kyoto?

To get from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto Station, I opt for the JR's Kyoto Line Special Rail Service for an affordable ticket of  560 yen and the ride was 24 minutes. For a faster option, you can go for the Shinkansen (High Speed Rail) service which takes only 15 minutes for a 1,420 yen ticket.

At the Kyoto Station, I took the JR Sagano Line to travel to Saga-Arashiyama Station. It actually got me a little worries as it began to drizzle quite heavily when I arrived. Lucky enough, the rain stop after a while and the sun rises, giving me a warm fuzzy feeling. <3 Still, the weather was pretty cold and you'll see me wrapping myself with a scarf and sweater. >.<  Still, I had to grab a cup of hot coffee when I pass by a convenient store.

 // Hot Coffee on a Cold Day //

It was pretty easy to get to the Bamboo Forest as there were many tourist, local and foreign alike and as we move along the alley with the crowd, we are going to the right direction. Haha. The sight of Sakura trees peeking above the house walls was nothing but a lovely sight! I couldn't stop staring at every Sakura tree I pass by. How I wish I could really bring one home. Not the big one ofcourse! A bonsai size would make my heart flutter. <3

Tenryu-Ji Temple (天龍寺)

On the way to the Bamboo Forest, I saw a large crowd of people moving in and out of a site and it happens to be Tenryu-Ji Temple (天龍寺). This temple consist of a large site and it's no question to why it is the most important temple in the Arashiyama District and is even registered as a world heritage site.

Tenryu-Ji Temple was built in year 1339 by shogun Ashikaga Takauji as dedication to Emperor Go-Daigo. As the nature of the buildings were not very durable, many of the buildings were repeated lost during wars and fires. Part of the temple which is able to retains it's natural form is the beautiful garden landscape which was created by Muso Soseki with a central pond surrounded by rocks and pine trees of the Arashiyama mountain.

It is with much regret that I did not have enough time to spend in Kyoto as one day was definitely too short a period of time to visit without rushing. However, I'm glad to chance upon the lucky charms to bring back home! I can't deny that I'm very much attracted to the lucky charms. Perhaps I should really collect one in every place that I visit!  

// Lucky Cloud-Dragon Bodhidharma Charm //

I got this Lucky Cloud-Dragon Bodhidharma charm for a special one as it is said to ward off bad luck and bring good luck. I like peeking at the hole under where I'll be able to see the picture of Tenryu-Ji's Cloud Dragon. They do have other types of charm to suit other purposes. The charms  makes a great souvenir with good wishes.

Here's a short list of website where you can check on more information about Tenryu-Ji Temple (天龍寺) / travel from Osaka to Kyoto: Tenryu-Ji Temple
Tenryuji Temple Official Website

Kyoto Station to Saga Arashiyama Station
From Osaka to Kyoto by Train - Special Rapid Service / Shinkansen

Map of Arashiyama District

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