Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I still remember the first time I was dragged for a facial treatment during my teenage year for the first time. My family has a sensitive skin genetic issue where most of us will easily end up with large facial pore scars as we grow into young adults if not taken care of.. I believe that is an issue my mom is very worried about.

Facial treatments has became so expensive nowadays that we should really understand and get to know the service and product that we are paying for before engaging in any facial treatment individually or as a package. 

Most facial treatment will only treat the visible problem on our top skin layer but has anyone ever told you that beauty comes from within? That is something I believe too, that true beauty comes from nurturing within. 

Rather than what most beauty centre offers, this time around I tried Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment for the first time at Dermique, Subang Taipan.

// Gel exfoliation // 

The process of  Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment are as below;
  1. Pre-cleansing step
  2. Exfoliation with bio-enzyme
  3. Brightening exfoliant
  4. Meridian Face Massage
  5. Meridian Hand Massage
  6. Head Energizing Oxygen Spray
  7. Extraction using the Clip & Pick Technique
  8. Shoulder Massage
  9. Intensive Calming Mask
// Clip & Pick Exfoliation Technique //

There are a few process which I like in this treatment such as (like no.1) the gel exfoliation which reduce the likelihood of getting dry and peeling skin after the exfoliation process. It is most recommended for people with skin type like mine which is combination of dry and oily.

Extraction process during facial treatment usually involve a stainless steel blackhead / acne / pimple pen extractor stick and this is always unfavourable for people who have low tolerance for pain. For people with sensitive skin, they might even have swollen face as an aftermath.. 

 // Head Energizing O2 Spray //

At Dermique, (like no.2) black head extraction is done with a technique called clip and pick. Not to even mention about pain, there was barely anything felt at all. This zero pain extraction is prefect for people who always avoided facial because they are afraid of this painful procedure. The technique was made possible with the assistance of a magnifying tool. 

  // Meridian Face Massage //

  // Meridian Scalp Massage // 

  // Left- Before / Right - After Meridian  Massage // 

(like no.3) Meridian Massage is a signature process at Dermique Subang Taipan Branch and it might not be available at other branches. Meridian Massage is based on a healing method from the eastern culture. It stimulates the acupressure points using certain technique to help clear any blockage and balance the flow of qi (a bodily energy flow) and blood flow thereby improving the inner health of our body.

 // Meridian Massage //

Meridian Massage included in the treatment is on parts of our face. There is an option to select Meridian Massage for an additional body part such as hand and arm for RM40. Certain pressure is applied for this massage. The pressure was bearable for me as I like it slightly strong but you can always let them know your preference to have an enjoyable massage :)

2 trips to Dermique and I'm feeling to much better mentally and physically thanks to the Meridian Massage and the relaxing facial treatment. A must try if you like the comfort of massage!

To have a more thorough understanding of the Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment, please view the video above. :)

Current promotion for first trial right now is RM128 (N/P: RM518) for this Meridian Sculpture Lymphatic Face Treatment. Make sure you do not miss this promotion price! <3 Do share your experience with me after going for the treatment as I'd love to hear more about it! 

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