Friday, 23 June 2017

"Heyy, morning! You look tired!
Have not have your cup of coffee?"

This is the most common verse of greeting you will get if you work in a white collar office. Office work can be very exhausting most of the time. Hence, majority of the office work force count on their daily dosage of caffeine to be their wake up call or to keep them more alert during work.

However, little did everyone know that the packets of instant coffee which they usually count on contains only a minimal amount of coffee extract. Then what exactly is in these packets of 3-in-1 instant coffee which makes such an aromatic cup coffee and gives alertness? Truth to be told, the ingredient which takes up the high percentage is sugar. The sudden sugar rush could be the culprit in making the drinkers think that it is the effect of caffeine but in fact, it could just a placebo effect. And the aromatic coffee? It is probably the flavour enhancer which is widely used in creation of instant beverages.

It is time to wake up from your placebo dream, and get some real Italian Premium Coffee If you can't live without coffee for even a single day, you should really consider to have an Arissto in your home or in your office. 

Simple reasons to have an Arissto to satisfy your daily cravings;
  • easy to use
  • brews a cup of coffee pretty instantly
  • capsule milk is low fat
  • uses real coffee beans
  • high quality Italian roast Arabica beans.
  • affordable price

This coffee machine is called Happy Maker and the name is definitely in-line with it's function, which is to make the day of coffee lovers! It is compact and easy to use. Just plug it to the power, fill up the water tank behind and switch it on. In just a few seconds, the machine will warm up and be ready to brew you a cup of your favourite coffee! You just have to insert your favourite coffee capsule and voila, you'll get your cup of coffee in a few seconds.

Arissto's Italian Coffee Masters has expertly crafted six Italian Signature Flavours. Each has a very distinctive personality and character;

  • Peace - 100% composed of premium Columbia Supremo coffee beans. It is simply soothing. Perfect for those who fancy the Americano or Colombian style.
  • Passion - has a strong body with a robust taste like dark chocolate. Stronger body which is suitable for cafe latte and cappucino.
  • Sunrise - perfect balance of nuttiness and richness, it is suitable to be brewed as Americano and other types of coffee.
  • Moonlight - a perfect balance of satisfying medium and crisp acidity, light body and citrus note. 
  • Lonely - contains a combination of finest beans from 5 continents, it is rich and darkly roasted creating a balanced taste with notes of bitterness.
  • In Love - a well-balanced coffee with medium acidity and body. Contains a sweet deep flavour with low-bitterness level.

The Happy Maker used to only be able to make a cup of espresso or long black and would need the assistance of a separate Milk Frother to prepare froth milk to for a complete cup of latte or cappuccino. Not so instant, yea?

Don't worry because Arissto  heard your pleas and now have a solution to make a cup of latte or cappuccino for you instantly! Arissto now have milk capsules which are low fat, low calories! Now you can enjoy a cup of milk coffee and worry less about your weight!

The Happy Maker is innovative in the way that it can be used to brew flavoured coffee such as Rose Latte easily! How? Just as easy as filling up the water tank with Rose infused water! I heard that flavoured coffee is considered premium and hence it might be costly! So why not safe your wallet and just enjoy it at home?

Once in a while, I would make myself a cup of Arissto Coffee with my favourite capsule and that is enough to perfect my relaxing offday. It's hassle free and I can have a cup of Arissto Italian Premium Coffee just within minutes and also with some simple steps. I also like how I can get a different cup of coffee with different beans profile by just switching my capsule type. Moonlight and Passion is my favourite choice at the moment.

During busy days, it saves me time with automatic brewing and lets me multi task. I can get ready with other task while having Arissto brew my coffee in my takeaway cup. Once it is done, I'll just enjoy it on my way to my meeting, energized and refreshed.

Contact Arissto now to try it out before making a purchase! Who knows, it might charm you right away! Fill up the form here to your way to a free trial of Arissto Coffee.

Arissto is now having a Coffee Challenge which I find it really meaningful to join! I have always like giving back to the community especially to those who are very much in need. As the saying goes,

  "What goes around, comes around".

Blessed with all that I have received till today, I wish to share it with the less fortunate to make them have a better life. The Arissto Coffee Charity Challenge is the first-to-market charitable coffee challenge in Malaysia and it aims to help 500 poor children have a better life! Therefore I hope everyone of you who read this will make an effort to join this challenge for a good cause!

Read more about the Arissto Coffee Charity Challenge here and wait to register for the challenge on or their facebook.


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