Friday, 16 June 2017

If you're a city girl, you'll be just like me. I'm always on the lookout for a place to relax, rejuvenate and enhance our worn out natural beauty every weekend. However, it could turn into a less enjoyable treat when we have to go to different location for different rejuvenation such as facial, massage and pedicure manicure services.

It is only a true treat when I can find it all in one place and I think I just found one of the few pampering centre which can offer just this!

Introducing to you V Beauty Care Body Care Kepong Branch. They offer pampering services ranging from;
  • Facial Services
  • Manicure Pedicure
  • Body Massage 

Unexpectedly, my first station is the manicure & pedicure station! I was shocked because every time I went for such service, I have to be at my tip toe for a few hours after the service because they were always ruined if I am not careful enough! 

My worries are accumulated from previous gel manicure visits to other centres where I experienced chipped and ruined gel nail art. So yup, I'm not exaggerating when I said I'm worried.

Over here, I have no such worry! My gel nails were dried to the dryest! Meant to say, once the session is done, I can actually resume to my usual movement without having to worry about ruining my nails. 

Meanwhile, the service was comfortable with friendly and talented attendants. I can see that much care and effort was put in to make my nails beautiful. I was a little indecisive hence I trust them with the designs by just informing them what I like and what I outfit I usually wear.

The results were amazing! Scroll down for the beautiful nails!

Now I can comfortably enjoy my massage without having to worry about ruining my nails. There are a list of massages to cater for every person's needs and preference. 

There I was, all ready to enjoy a traditional full body lymphatic massage. <3 My work requires a lot of physical movement contributions and also a lot of sitting facing the computer. My main concern has always been my really firm shoulder.

It was a really relaxing session as essential oil droplets were used where the aroma would travel around the room and to my nose. A makcik from Kelantan has used her traditional massage skills to rejuvenate my body. She massages with much love and care, always making sure that I am not at discomfort. 

Lastly, facial beauty should not be abandoned as well. It was a simple facial routine which does the work. My concern was always blackhead extractions and rejuvenating mask to freshen up my skin and complexion. It have had some stressful weeks and I'm glad my face skin turns to be the better and acne inflammation reduces right after the facial. 

What I enjoyed the most was the applications using brush and also the face massage. It was no doubt that I fell asleep during the last mask application.

Lastly, a cup of ginger tea marks the end of my pampering session at V Beauty Care  Body Care Kepong Branch. Don't you think I looks much fresher and rejuvenated? *nods head*

Lastly, some eye candy of beautiful nail arts by Riya who is loved by many regular customers there. Incase you did not notice, the tiny flowers are all real flowers! Beautiful, right? Don't forget to request for them!

It has been a week since the manicure session but everything still looks perfectly the same! Bling blings are still securely intact too evern after daily heavy dish washing and also hair washing. Now I know why this place is fully booked during Chinese New Year! I bet a lot of housewives who would need to cook and do house chores would only trust V Beauty Care  Body Care Kepong for an destructible nail arts

Do remember to check out their current in-house promotions below if you are thinking of visiting!

Manicure & Pedicure : 

A Set of nail arts for only RM35! 

Bring a New Friend and enjoy BUY 1 FREE 1 for;
. Hydrating & Lifting Facial Treatments
. Detox & Lymphatic Body Massage
. Manicure
. Foot Reflexology

Happy Hours Promotion:

Give them a call and check out their facebook for more info!

V Beauty Care & Body Care

a: 37-1 (1st Floor) Jalan Metro Perdana 7, Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong Utara 52100 Kuala Lumpur
t: +603-6252 7705

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