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We often crack our heads to choose the right gift for guys, and our dad especially because he is a grown man who can afford almost anything that he have in mind. Especially for Father's Day, we always wanted to give something really meaningful and beneficial to him rather than just something materialistic or just beautiful aesthetically.

Just recently, I was introduced this item which fits the criteria perfectly! It is now my turn to introduce you to this item and let you know why I think it is the best gift for Father's Day this year! This item which I am eager to introduce to you is the Diamond 3-Second Instant Water Dispenser elegantly called the Diamond Coral WaterBar.  

If I have a choice, I would give the gift of health to my dad on the occasion of Father's Day every year. We all know our dad will age and we all want them to remain healthy all their life because we only want them to be happy and have a good life. :)

Well, Diamond Coral WaterBar might not be the Godly gift of health but it definitely contributes to a healthier life. Let me give you some insight about a daily routine which endanger our health every time we drink boiled water.

It might be little known to most of you that every time you boil water using an electric kettle or even on stove with a steel kettle, little bits of the steel substance will disintegrate and get mix into your drinking water. This happens every time the boiling action is performed and the more it is repeated, the more these substance will get into the drinking water. The steel substance varies according to the material of the kettle but the most common substance would be Manganese used in stainless steel production. 

According to the Chinese article above, Manganese found in a randomly selected electric kettle which has been in used for 6 years releases 5.82mg of Manganese in the water boiled. This is believed to be a very high content for consumption through drinking water alone as generally, the tolerable daily intake is 11gm/day with a more accurate measurement of 0.06mg/kg of body weight.

"A health-based value can be calculated using this upper range value. A tolerable daily intake (TDI) of 0.06 mg/kg of body weight can be calculated by dividing the NOAEL of 11 mg/day by an uncertainty factor of 3 (to allow for the possible increased bioavailability of manganese from water) and an adult body weight of 60 kg. The guideline value of 0.4 mg/l is then derived from the TDI by assuming an allocation of 20% of the TDI to drinking-water and consumption of 2 litres of drinking-water per day by a 60 kg adult. However, as this health-based value is well above concentrations of manganese normally found in drinking-water, it is not considered necessary to derive a formal guideline value." 

// Interior of a commonly used water kettle // 

So what will this substance called Maganese do to our body that it is becoming a health concern? Overdose of Magnese consumption daily is very dangerous as it can lead to serious conditions and diseases, where some are even fatal. It can lead to diseases similar to Parkinson's or to this disease itself.

People who have kidney issues need to pay extra attention to their daily Manganese dosage as their liver will have a hard time disposing it from their body which will then lead to psychosis, mental disorders, and tremors/spasms

Diamond has since come out with a solution to prevent this serious health issue of over intake of Manganese especially through drinking water with the creation of Diamond Coral WaterBar. Apparently, their 3 second heating system is made with Silicon Dioxide hence there will be no dilution of Manganese into the drinking water every time there is boiling.

There will be no double boiling for water dispensed through Diamond Coral WaterBar as the water will only be heated up once when it goes through the two heating bar cylinder as above. 

Diamond Coral WaterBar does not just gives you healthier drinking water but also...
  • produces warm/hot water within 3 seconds
  • with much ease 
  • helps you to saves electricity
  • light and small, easily portable from one corner to another and only occupies a small space.
Still, some of you might deliberate that your father do not need hot/warm water often and here is something which you need to know; our father is at the peak mid of aging and they actually should not be drinking so much cold/room temperature water but warm water which is good for their health.

Benefits of drinking warm water which you might not realise are as below;
  • detoxification
  • improves digestion
  • improves blood circulation
  • eases constipation
  • slows aging process
  • maintains healthy skin
  • induces sleep

Now, to summarize why this Diamond Coral WaterBar is probably the best one you can give this Father's Day;
  • prevents Manganese overdose which can harm the body health
  • improves health through a habit of warm water intake
  • gets warm (50⁰C) / hot (100⁰C) water with an easy with a touch of a button
  • quick boiling time of just 3 seconds
  • small and easily portable; gives convenience by placing it just by the bedside or in the bedroom  (no more hassle of going down to the kitchen especially in the middle of the night)
Not convinced yet? Perhaps you might want to play this short clip below;

Now you must be questioning how much this amazing new technology product cost. For your information, it is selling at a Retail Price of RM1499 BUT since Father's Day is near, it only makes sense that Diamond show some love by giving your the opportunity to get this thoughtful gift for your dad with just a small fraction of the price. RM799.

For Father's Day only,
Diamond Coral WaterBar = RM1499 RM799 !

For more info, please visit the links below;

Diamond Coral WaterBar

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