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Yes, California Raisins deserve a double thumbs up! Can't believe I have been eating raisins from the State of California as a healthy snack since I was young! LIGO was my favourite brand since childhood and my purchase slowly escalated to Sun Maid

Unlike any other commodities where most have different source of origin, I was quite surprised to find out that most of the raisins in the market came from California. Did you know?

// My childhood raisin snack // 

// Sun Harvest California Raisins // 

California raisins is indeed a serious business with a non-profit organization, Raisins Administrative Committee created in 1949 to advocate the raisin industry led by growers, packers and public members. They are a leading authority and expert on raisin related information with the objective to promote California raisins to the whole globe. 

// My now favourite Sun Maid Raisin //  

 // Southern Natural Raisins //

Raisins produced are from the dried grapes of the Vitis Vinifera species, the natural seedless grapes. They are mainly farmed in the San Joaquin Valley by some of the world's most experienced raisin grape growers.

Did you know that dark coloured raisins and yellow coloured raisins are actually from the same type of grape? The different colour is due to the different drying process where naturally dried, the raisins will be in dark colours while those mechanically dried will be in yellow colours as they were treated with sulfur dioxide to prevent colour oxidization.

Raisins can be considered to be in it's most natural because no colourants and additives are used in the production of these natural raisins.

 // Chef Rohani Demonstrating a California Raisin Recipe //

It was with much delight that we are able to learn some tips and new recipes from Chef Rohani's demonstration which were infused with these delicious and healthy California raisins. Some recipes curated just in time for Raya were;
  • Sambal Kismis California
  • Pulut Kuning Kismis California
  • Biskut Kurabia Kismis California
  • Krim Karamel Kismis California
  • Kuih Lopes Kismis California
  • Bubur Cha-Cha Kismis California

// California Raisins Creme Caramel // 

 // California Raisins Bubur Cha Cha //

My favourite was Chef Rohani's Sambal Kismis California Recipe in Malay as below;

Ingredients (8-9 servings):
  • 70g Kismis California
  • 12 biji cili merah
  • 2 sudu besar minyak
  • 5 ulas bawang putih
  • 150g tomato ceri
  • 20g belacan bakar
  • 1 sudu teh garam
  • 12-15 biji limau nipis, perah airnya
  • 7 biji kulit limau nipis, hiris halus
  • 2 kuntum bunga kantan, hiris halus
  1. Belah dan buang biji dari 6 cili merah sahaja. Hiris semua cili anggaran 3 sm panjang.
  2. Panaskan minyak dalam kuali dan tumis cili merah, cili burung beserta bawang putih sehingga layu. Tambah tomato ceri dan belacan, goreng lagi 2 - 3 minit. Kemudian, masukkan California Natural Raisins. Biarkan seminit dan angkat. Sejukkan selama 10 minit.
  3. Masukkan semua bahan goreng di dalam pencencang makanan elektrik. Tambah garam, jus limau dan kulit limau. Cencang sehingga sebati (tetapi tidak terlalu lumat). Masukkan sambal dalam mangkuk dan campur dengan hirisan bunga kantan. Kacau. Hidang bersama sayuran mentah, ayam goreng, keropok ikan dan lain-lain. Sambal juga boleh diisi dalam jar kering dan bersih selama seminggu jika disimpan dalam peti sejuk.
// California Raisins Sambal // 

Equipped with tips and information shared by Chef Rohani, we had a chance to prepare our own recipe with infused California Raisins. Our desserts, Bella Vita is a combination of alternative layering between Raisins & Walnut Brownies and Whipped Cream infused with bits of crushed raisins, topped with sprinkled Cocoa powder and raisins.

// Jia Yeen presenting our Group Creation - Bella Vita // 

// Judges trying out our creation - Bella Vita // 

The competition was intense with many amazing creations infused with California Raisins. The judges finally had a uniform voice on the top three dishes. Congratulations to all the winners who shipped up those much slurping creations!

 // The Raisin Maidens - Jiayeen / Me / Rachell / Kelly //

// Group Creation - Bella Vita //

I have to admit that I had a fun moment baking with my group of Raisin Maidens <3 It really did not cross my mind that we could use raisins to create such a variety of dishes!

If you are bored of normal Raya savouries and desserts, try out traditional recipes with a twist of raisins! It sure will give you a fresh delight and might even help you fish for compliments during Raya!

California Raisins Raya Manis

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  1. congrats!! :)
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    1. Hi Sallyy! I didn't win the prize but if in not mistaken, your group won a prize too? ^^ congrats on your delicious cooking! ^^