Monday, 10 August 2015


I've been at my wits' end! Looking at all the days I should have slot in some entries but couldn't due to my busy and tiring schedule! Trust me, I look terribly zombified without makeup now.

Still, managed to slot in a short visit to IMP Hair Studio to repair my terrible hair condition with Molto Bene's Professional Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment! Yay! *catches a breather* 

Got to say this is pretty much a needed session for me! After the awful hair job I took up few months ago, everyone knows my hair and scalp condition went down the drain. To be honest, the pay wasn't worth it considering the pain and damage I have to endure. Definitely my first and my last!

Without further a due, let's start the pampering! This 5 step treatment did not take that long but it was one of the best I have tried! So let's dig deeper into how the Molto Bene's Professional Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment works!

Molto Bene's Professional Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment as the name suggest, consist of 5 crucial steps needed to repair and treat the hair toward a much healthier condition!

Step 1 A high molecule keratin made of Kerataide (from bird's feather which is similar to what forms and strengthen our hair) is applied to hair which then penetrates in through holes in damaged hair, filling up the big gaps which is the reason for brittle and weak hair condition.

Step 2 Hydrolyzed keratin and hair peptide of smaller size is applied and absorbed into hair strands to fill up the small gaps in between the high molecule keratin.

Step 3 The repairing molecules are then settled down with nano-CMC ingredients and Pellicle. Kerataide molecules becomes bigger in size, maximizing in filling up gaps and tighten up, thus strengthening each hair strand

Step 4 The surface is then sealed with a moisturizing Hyaluronic Film preventing repair components to leak out and sealing the moisture to prevent dryness.

Step 5 Last step is to apply an overlay coat Hyaluronic Acid Flourine to keep the hair repair result and moisturize it with ingredients including Olive Oil and Meadow Foam Oil for longer lasting result!



Hair definitely looks so much more smoother and light after treatment! Although hair gaps have been filled up with repair molecules, it is amazing how the hair actually feels lighter after treatment! Just like perming and hair colouring, good hair treatment used to take up a long time. Not anymore!

I just need to sit around for about 45 minutes with Molto Bene's Professional Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment and I have great hair after that!

Besides this treatment, IMP Hair Studio also carry other hair care products by Molto Bene such as Moe Moe / Loretta / Loretta Devil  with more natural ingredients and minimal chemicals for the best hair care! Their products are so innovative, even Loretta Devil's casing is reusable once the product is used completely!

Thanks to IMP Hair Studio's friendly team (with Charmaine)  and Molto Bene's amazing products, I left a happy girl! I love my hair condition now!

Great news for those who have read this far! 

They are running a Pre-Launcing promo now where you get to enjoy Molto Bene's Professional Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment twice for the price of one! So it's 2 sets of treatment for RM250!

The cherry on the cake happens on 15th August 2015, the official launching day! Enjoy the Official Launching Promo of RM50 only for this amazing treatment!

I have to confess that my hair condition has been so bad before treatment that it has been causing irritating moments and messing up my emotions. Now I could feel the sun rising even on my face! Haha..

So if you are having problem with bad hair too, call them now! 

Molto Bene's Professional Deep Layer 5 Step Treatment @ IMP Hair Studio

 a: No.16, Jalan Prima Setapak 3, Off Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
t: +603 4021 4148

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