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As I was saying in the previous post, I will be sharing more about other Ko Skin Specialist Skincare products! Check out my previous post here on the basic products for cleanse, tone & moisturize! Today will be about radiance, purifying essence, acne therapy and bla bla bla... Too much beauty jargon for you to handle? No worries, I'll be going slow and steady!. :D

So, this is the full set I received to handle my skin problem! If you have not known, my major enemy are zits!! An army of them! Just to recap, I was just a young innocent teenager with baby smooth skin until one day an army of zits decided to build a camp on my face and do some exploration on my face map. What's worse is being a teenager, I didn't know how to handle this situation and all I do was get my itchy fingers to rub over them, poke 'em and squuuzee 'em. Disgusting? Ops, I'm sorry! >.< I'll hurry and be done with it. So, this problem has been staying till after I graduated. Yup, like I never grew out of puberty. 

Things finally change for the better when I start using proper skincare products but results never last. That was until I'm with Ko Skin Specialist! So here I am, going to introduce other products in my current skin care regimes which helps the maintenance!

Dermax Bio Firming Eye Essence 8 (15ml) - RM180. After toning would be eye pampering first. I apply this product during both day and night regime. I like the gel texture as it allows me to glide my fingers smoothly around my eyes, massaging it during every application for improving blood circulation. One incomplete pump is enough for both eyes ^^

Always not having enough sleep and facing the computer for long hours, my eyes practically look like a zombie! Although eye essence do not work like magic, but they are sufficient to keep my condition in control at situations like this! So definitely can't skip this! <3

Ko Dermacare Vitality Purifying Essence I (30ml) - RM120. I use this once a day in the morning routine. This product is alcohol free and what it does is, reduces imperfection while balancing our sebum production for a clear and more refined complexion. Just to say, it helps to gives you baby bump face. Haha.

It has a watery texture and feels very quickly absorb which is convenient to move on to the next step quickly. I do experience reduction in oil production but have to control the usage as when I feel my skin is getting to dry. So, yup, I use this for oil control.

Dermax Bio Radiance Enhance 3W (30ml) - RM280. This pumps out a pretty white solid cream and I usually dot it to spread it around my face. Then slowly moves my fingers in circular motion for full application and promote absorption. It contains arbutin and hydrolized prune extract to surpress melanin production -> the evil root of pigmentation! Horror!

Yes, my other horror story when I found out a small patch of dark pigmentation below my eyes! I'm still at such a tender age! Can't face the world with ugly patches yet and God heard my cry! He therefore sent me this magic cream! Okay, sorry for being so dramatic but the feeling of looking into the mirror, and being surprised by pigmentation really gave me a big shock! 

Everyone knows that pigmentation are hard to wear off. They wanna stay, they will stay and spread unless they are really having rainbow mood that suddenly they disappear, which never happens. Having used this for more than 4 months now, my patch of pigmentation has lighten but not gone away in all. Still, it's a very good improvement to me! <3

KO Series Acne Therapy Solutions Clarifying Treatment Gel (20gm) - RM99. Last, but not least! The savour for dreadful days! Realising a new pimple on my face in the start of a new day always spoils the mood. I think everyone would agree with me. It makes me self conscious and drives down my confidence =/

The gel texture is light and I would use cotton bud to apply in small circular mode on the pimple itself. Small pimples, you will barely see them anymore tomorrow, stubborn ones, maybe takes two or three days. Some might feel that the result is a little slow but I believe that quick lightning result products are usually strong and too harsh for the skin. So, yea, I'm good with this! ^^ 

Some of the soothing and effective ingredients in it are such as; Eucalyptus leaf oil, evening primrose oil, pot marigold extract, algae extract, gromwell root extract, melia azadirachta leaf extract, jujube extract, vaccinium myrtillus leaf extract and artichoke leaf extract. Don't you just love all the natural sounding ingredient? However, do take note that this is not to be used on open wounds!

I hope I haven't talked too much and bored you all. Well, at least I tried to cut it short >.< Hope you guys enjoy my review and wait up for the last post of not to be missed!

Also do check out their mobile apps for easy browsing and purchase on the go! Time to order some pampering skincare products while on the ride home from work! Just download the apps from the links below;

Ko Skincare Specialist Skincare Products

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