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Love Thai food? Crazy for fiery spicy food? This is definitely a place for you to visit!

Bf was having a very "heaty" body condition when we were in Bangkok but this was not something we were going to miss! Die die, had our dinner there and cool off later on with tons of coconut juice!

Som Tam Nua is a restaurant in Bangkok which is very much raved about in Bangkok. Most would go back there for a meal if they return to Bangkok. As for me, it's a yes as well. So good, I don't want to miss it everytime I go to Bangkok!

SomTam actually means Papaya Salad in Thai. Hence for starters, we should definitely try their salad! There's Somtam with Salted Crab / Somtam with Dried Shrimp and Salad / Somtam with Salted Egg.. They all sounds really yummy but also labelled very spicy! 

We decided to go for the Shredded Green Mango Somtam (80baht) with only level one chilli label! Though we would be safe but for someone like me who can't take any spicy nuts, it was freakin' spicy for me! >.< Was really yummy though! Love the sauce, the raw mango shreds and the cherry tomatoes and nuts! Only personal problem: too spicy for me! Haha.. So sad when a dish is so good but too spicy =/

We also had the Pork Shoulder Bbq (115baht). Meat so tender and juicy with a little oily crisp on the outer layer, definitely a sinful dish! Really love the juicy tender meat. Makes me crave for one right now >.<

More meat please! This Fried Northeastern Style Sausage (98baht) has no spicy chilli indication which is suppose to means not spicy! but then it is a little spicy as well! Thank God the spiciness is bearable. Or else, I would be missing another good dish! I realised that they do sell a wide variety of sausage type in Bangkok but mostly would be spicy. Most of them are really good too! This one is fried to get crispy skin! Very much a delightful snack I can munch on all day~

Also ordered Sticky Rice (25baht). No, it does not come with mango slices and coconut sauce although it would make me very very happy! To tell the truth, I did not have any mango sticky rice during this trip!! and I came back to Malaysia with such a heavy heart! Why mango sticky rice no come to meee? Why?? *sad max*

Mango Sticky Rice aside, must try their food here at Som Tam Nua!! Super recommended! Price are reasonably cheap too! Problem is just food is too spicy for me and there might be a bit of queue! So go early and don't go when you are too hungry!

Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square Soi 5

a: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok.
t: +66 (0) 22 51 4880
h: 10:45am - 21:30pm

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