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Are you ready to follow me on my journey with Casio Exilim ZR3500? So it's been 1 month and 2 weeks with my new yellow toy and I have been bringing it around in my bag wherever I go! I love how it is super compact in size and feels feather light weight in comparison to most quality camera in the market.

Today, I'll be sharing with you the features which I simply adore from this camera! By now, you should have known one of the strongest reason why Casio cameras are a girl's best camera! It is simply because they are equipped with beauty mode and features! Yup, can't disagree that girls are the most vain creature in the world! Hehe..

First up and foremost is definitely the beauty mode setting! The Advanced Make-up setting is divided into 2 section; Skin Tone / Smooth Skin.  

Skin Tone setting range from {tan}+6 to {off}0 to {light}+6.
Smooth Skin setting range from {off}0 to {standard}+6 to {max}+12

Below are a more vivid picture to show you on the setting effects~

 Skin Tone: {tan}+6

 Skin Tone: {off}0

 Skin Tone: {light}+6 (ops! too much for my skin tone!)

Smooth Skin: {off}0

Smooth Skin: {standard}+6

Smooth Skin: {max}+12 (now I can have super duper smooth skin! haha)

Hey, that's my #Mhb manager, Tim! Say, hiiiieeeeeeee!!

My ideal setting would be Skin Tone: {off}0 or +2 with Smooth Skin: {standard}+6. ^^ 

The Make Up mode is my favourite! Even without makeup on, with just a click on the shutter, Casio EX ZR3500 will be able to give me a healthy glowing skin and some shade of light blusher! I can now look beautiful naturally even without the effort of putting on make up! <3

There's also fun ART Shot modes which I can play with. Clockwise from top left; Toy Camera / Pop / Soft Focus / Fisheye / Sepia / Monochrome ~ Ofcourse, this is not all. There are much more but that's for you to explore!

This Casio EX ZR3500 is not only good for selfie photos and human potraits! It actually fares well with food / product composition and ootd shot too! Colours and details were not compromised at all.

Besides the amazing camera techology, Casio also understands our social needs really well! An EXILIM apps is downloadable for the convenience of remote capture / album sharing and photo transfer! Just install the app, linked it with my mobile and I can transfer my fresh shots in just a few taps! Super conveninent for quick social updates~

Their latest edition is this SCENE app where you link the camera to your phone for data and everytime you take a picture, it will be automatically transferred into an online storage! It is also easily shareable with friends! Now you can even save the hassle to manual transfer! How convenient! How not to love this Casio Exilim ZR3500!

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Get one for yourself at the nearest store now! They are available in the market for only RM1699!

Casio EX-ZR3500

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