Sunday, 30 August 2015

Just like our emotional sides, once a while our skin needs some super pampering besides our daily skin care routine. Just like most people, my skin concern is always whether it gets enough water content and am hydrated enough. Therefore, one of the crucial and essential pampering mask is always the hydrating mask!

This box of mask from KO Skin range is KO Dermaceutical Perfect Sago Hydrogel Mask (5pcs/box) - RM280. It comes sealed and individually packed.

The package has a cut out v for easy rip off and in there, you will find 2 pieces of mask; one for the top and one for the bottom. Both side of the mask surface is different. One side is the sago gel while the other is of cotton sheet.

The sago gel surface is protected by a piece of plastic. Peel it off and what I get is the soft and tender sago gel sheet with a tad bit of stickiness. Unlike most mask where it is drowned with essence liquid, the mask sheet is dry. The gel surface feels a little sticky but not enough to really hold itself on my skin. Hence, it is advised to lie down while enjoying mask time.

I like the hydrogel texture as it is cooling against the skin. There were also no messy dripping so it was easy taking out the mask from the package and applying it on the face. Very convenient to be used, even on the go such as when traveling in the car or plane. Hehe..

Skin feels very refreshed and reenergized after mask! Loves the soft skin texture result. <3

KO Dermaceutical Perfect Sago Hydrogel Mask is made from 100% natural bio-gel, free from chemicals, preservatives and toxicities. All au naturale! The mask might look simple but it actually promotes skin brightening and removes dead skin cells. 

Some people say, you will always need to use something in moderation no matter how good it is or else it will give you adverse effect. However, for this mask, you can actually use it everyday, even after facial treatment! Got to say the cooling hydrogel is super awesome on sun burn skin too! So remember to get some for yourself if you're going on a beach trip!

Check out their mobile apps for easy browsing and purchase if you are on the go! Just download from the links below;

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