Monday, 7 April 2014

Hmm... and I wonder how crazy it can get!

Can't believe I'm only tasting it now when it has been here since end of 2011.How time flies..

I am not really a fan of fried stuff but I remember my brother saying this was good. So I guess I have to try. :)

It's actually just very simple food. Potato. But it;s amazing how they can use potatoes and make it into so many different dishes and flavours! the most famous and well known shape potato has ever been turned to is of course FRIES! Everybody love fries! Don't you?

Now we can have more amazing fries! What's your call?
Crazy Honey Mustard? Crazy Spicy? Pizza-pizza? Wasabi Mayo? There's so much more!

Moar different forms of potatoes! Crazy curl, Queen's Mashed Potato (think this must be their signature dish), Wedges, English Hash Brown and Potato Skinhead. Other than potatoes, they also have other types of food to compliment your potato orders. Eg, Hotdog, Fish n Chip,Spagetti, Squid Crunch (sounds yummy!) and Onion Rings~

They even have sets as above to help you on savings!

The place is small but cozy. Doubt people need a big place for tit bits. I guess people come, ordered, grab a bite and move on to their next schedule! A place where you can grab a quick bite and just move on.

With London motive wallpapers and graffiti. Feels London-ish? Everytime I see the Underground Tube logo, it automatically reminds me of London. I guess it has became a London icon. Wish to be back there one day.

So what did I try for the first time? Well, I ordered Queen's Mashed Potato with Cheese and Tempura Chicken Nugget~

At first glance, it might look pretty pricey but it is actually quite reasonable with the portion they gave.

Guess what is in each of the tub? Which has mashed potato and which has chicken nugget?

Did you guessed it right? No price for the correct guess though. Haha.. the mashed potato is actually quite nice. It is not mashed to the normal smooth texture but you can actually still feel the roughness in the mashed potatoes. you can still feel the potato texture. I like it but the cheese makes me pretty bloated. Not sure if it was because I has something else earlier on. Mom says that it was alright. Think I still prefer the Chicken Gravy coz I think it would go better together.

I really don't like the Tempura Chicken Nuggets though. It feels like fried nugget which has been reheated in the microwave.. Prefer McD's or KFC's :)

Can't give comment on others because I did not try them. Maybe next time..

You can visit them at the current outlets here:

1Utama Shopping Mall Old Wing LG Floor, The Gardens Mall LG Floor, 1Shamelin Mall 4th Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Plaza Gurney Penang, 1st Avenue Penang, Galleria Mall @ Kotaraya



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