Wednesday, 10 August 2011

love the details on this Basilica di St. Marco! Truly a piece of art I can spend a whole day there and view bit by bit...

The crowd of a sea of tourists in San Marco square during summer~

That's Torre dell' Orologio Clock tower and a little passage way below it!

... and this is Piazza San Marco.. the art works of all the buildings there are truly mesmerizing.. <3 <3 <3~

The famous Grand Canal that always appear in movies featuring Venice. Such a beautiful place...

Ponte de Rialto. the huge bridge hovering over the Grand Canal, has lots of small shops along the centre of the bridge.

The other side of the bridge that shows the front of the shops... selling masquerades and other stuff..

Pistachio and Berries Gelato! from a Gelato shop in one of the thousands of alleys. The taste.. so heavenly, I have not found any that can match with it!

Hydrating his body from the free flow water stand. A bottle cost a bomb just outside the train station when there's free flow of water everywhere... (but they charge if u wanna use the restroom)

This little boy eagerly filling up his water pistol!

Was introduced to this, Bellini but I didn't think it's that good O.O




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