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2nd day at Penang! 

I've actually been around looking for these Street Arts 2 years ago but guess I'll bring my cousin around this time! They should be looking forward to it in this trip. There's a few which I've not seen before though..

The street art in Penang which was completed back in 2012 was actually a project by the George Town Festival. Ernest Zacharevic, a young Lithunia born artist was the person who completed all these drawings. 

Later on, perhaps it sparks interest of other artist in Penang, a different set of Murals start to pop up like this giant Cat!

MEOW! This cat is much much taller me! Almost a floor high as you can see the railing on top of the cat.

Besides that wall there's these String Kittens! I think it kinda make sense coz Kitten loves string balls. Haha.. There's more than 2. All posing in different action mode.

Right opposite, there's this realistic cat surrounded by stamp like cats which looks like Japanese Maneki Neko a.k.a. Beckoning Cats.

If you notice, there's a rat hanging by it's tall at the direction the cat is looking at.

These cats can be found along Gat. Lebuh Armenian near Pengkalan Weld.

"Little Children on a Bicycle" Mural is quite a famous one by Ernest. There is always a lot of people waiting to take a photo with this one. It is right across a small lane road and sometimes I kinda feel pity for those cars when they have trouble driving through d road.

Saw an uncle making these paper planes. Looks  really awesome. Didn't ask for the price though coz have no intention to purchase. I wonder if there are who who really buy these planes.

Further in the road you can actually find a lot of these little shops or road side stalls that sell a lot of stuff that reminds us of childhood for those born around the 80s.

Commercial break! A selfie in the shop. lol.

A wide variety of handmade accessories. They have really cute stuff here..

Is this cute? Kind of look like a...  a... I don't know. Haha.. Like a hybrid between a dog and a rabbit.. What do you think it is? I like these cute plushies with floral print cloths

Like the lamp. looks really oldy.

More handcraft stuff. Lots to see in the shop.

Look at this super cool old television! I wonder how old it is. Looks really well kept though.

I bet most of the household owns this SINGER sewing machine. I still have one at home but it just doesn't function anymore.

and.. the shop is called 14 Living Story! I don't know if the 14 is the shoplot no or not. haha..

Further into the road there's this painting of 3 cute little girls is costumes. Looks kind of traditional-ish. I'm guessing it's portraying Chinese, Malay and Indian motives and culture.

Right on the ground are these little blocks where you can learn simple Hokkien words.

Went into another shop and found these paperplane packs. If I'm not mistaken, made from styrofoam like materials. Really light and flies far!

I really like the antic setting but the price tags are..... really expensive.. I guess it is expensive to relive our childhood.

Candies! How awesome it is to be a kid. Play all you want and eat all you want. I actually think their business would be much better if they didn't mark up the price too much.

It was a really hot day and we took a break at this shop with antic item displays. It is along Jalan Magazine where the "Reaching Up" Mural is.

I think the first one on the left is a typewrite, followed by a cheque writer and the last one.. I have no clue at all..

Laksa! too much of a prawn paste though. Would taste much better with less.

No one could say NO! to ice kacang on a freaking hot day!  With strips of Buah Pala which I find kinda yummy ^^

Taking a break on the swing from all the walking! Wonder what the kids are laughing at.

Kids trying to reach for the buns on the bicycle! This is actually right outside a shop selling yummy delicacies! The locations for all these street arts can actually be found online or from tourist maps available in hotels but it's kind of crappy that sometimes the location is wrong. swt*

Anyway, you can find most info here;

Just on the right side of the entrance.

Leong Sui counter! Leong sui is Chinese herbal drinks which sould cool you down from the heat.

I wonder when was the last time I saw these piggy biscuits before this one... Seems like they don't really sell these else where anymore. The thing I really like about Penang is that the government here tries their best to preserve the cultures and heritage which could easily be forgotten in this busy world.

 A variety type of traditional biscuits for you to choose from!

The egg tart looks crazy delicious! Would love to try the salted egg pastry too!

In the end, we bought all three types! Yummy but.. really a tad bit too sweet. Sould be so much better if they lessen the sweetness especially the chicken floss pastry.

An employee filling the egg tart! Looks absolutely tempting even before it was baked!

The next morning, it's time for Lorong Kulit Flea Market! sounds really fun! Like some place to hunt for treasure!! I mean really! Looks at all these stuff! Looks like from some long long time ago when those of other countries would come here and exchange with barter system.

Mom was looking for a dragon boat but unfortunately, could not find one but it was really nice to stroll around just looking at these ancient gems! I wonder where they came from! Must have found a lot since it used to be a strategic port here in Penang.

Do you know what this? Really really old cloth iron! People from those times would burn a charcoal stone and put it inside the iron to iron their clothes. I wonder if it makes the clothes stink.

There's not much to buy but definitely a lot to see.

A trip to Penang would not be really complete if we missed Ghee Hiang along Macalister Road! Famous for the Penang Tau Sar Pneah confectionary (Ground Green Bean Biscuit). All all time favourite! Was lucky there was not many cars around when we reach. It is also very near to Glow Hotel. Within walking distance :)

It could get so busy sometimes that there is no space for you to park your car in their compound at all and you would have to stay out because there is too many people in there! Crazy right? Well, it's kind of worth it though. Haha..

216, Jalan Macalister, George Town, Penang.

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