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A trip to Penang during the Chinese New Year!

I was actually going by bus but last minute change of plan and I have a holiday group! Sort of. Haha..

Mom said she wanted to revisit Bukit Bendera (but it didn't happen at last) and we brought along my two little cousins! It was a very short trip but was fun.

Very impromptu.

Book a room at GLOW last minute as well. Glad it turned out to be a really nice place.

The room. Less is More.

Just the way I like it. Very simple and comfortable. Looks brand new too!

Like the toilet concept too but the housekeepers are the laziest I have seen -_- swt max. 

1. When we got into a room, there was a sticky stain on the floor behind the door. 
2. When we showered, the water just doesn't drain because there were hair stuck on the drain cover (which can't been seen because it was made in a way, hidden from view).
3. During the next day, it is so obvious that they did not vacuum the floor. When we were back around lunch time, we saw a housekeeper and we requested her to vacumn it later on but she did not. We had to make a call to the operator to request for them to vacumn the floor.

There is also a stinky smell that floats around the room from the toilet. According to mom, they did not do a good coverage on the sewage pipe located behind the toilet bowl and below the flush water storage. That's where the stink leaks from. We would have to open the window to air the room as the ventilation in the room was not good enough to remove the smell.

I should have left the complaints at the end of the post but I can't help it when I saw the toilet picture. Lol.

Other than that, I quite like everything else.

They even served us a welcome drink made of the nutmeg fruit which is really famous in Penang for the preserved fruit, the drink and also as medication oil.

This is sort of like the sunset view form our room. (back of the buidling)

View on the left side.

The pool area which I think looks pretty cool ^^ I liked it. Would be more awesome if they made an infinity pool. Of course provided they have a good view. Haha..

This is the bar facing the pool.

The eatery place next to the tool. Pretty convenient. Kids can go swim while adults can have a drink at the bar. When they are hungry, bites are within reach :)

Tables and chair with a comfortable view facing the street.

Free complimentary breakfast. Dishes are pretty much the same as everywhere but decent enough for a simple breakfast :)

 Sorry for the bad view at night. Not a big hotel but as long as it is decent, I actually prefer smaller size. Less complications.

Be warned they have a very limited parking space. Say, around less than 20 spots in total? Feels lucky to have a place to park when I was there. The hotel rooms were pretty much occupied too when I was there. Wanted to change to a family room but was all fully occupied.

Foodie time!

Was effin hungry already when we were crossing the Penang bridge! Settle for food at a food court on the right side of the hotel opposite the road.

One of my all time favourite! Oh Chien (Oyster in Hokkien) Fried oyster with egg! Super yummy! Didn't help at all that now I'm hungry as well when I am writing this post x.x Definitely a recommended!

They called it Mui Choi in Cantonese. I googled it and it says Preserved Mustard Greens? Goes really well with braised pork belly as a dish.

Still, it's good with plain porridge and rice as well.

Ordered this as well as one of the dis with the rice. Siu Ngap. Roasted duck. The ones served in Penang is always topped with this little sweet sauce. The ones in KL would have less sauce or just without sauce unless requested. One of the signature dish in Penang everyone have to try!

They call it Hokkien Mee in Penang but we call it Har Mee (Prawn Mee) in KL. Not sure why but it is confusing for tourist who doesn't know there's a difference. The Hokkien Mee we have in KL is thick yellow noodle fried with black sauce topped with pork lard which is also one of my all favourite!

This one just tasted so-so.

Char Kuey Teow Penang Style (Stir-fried Rice Race Strips)! More crystal clear while the ones we have in KL a.k.a Penang Char Kuey Teow are usually friend with added black sauce. A very oily and unhealthy dish but who cares! When you are in Penang, it is important to just eat and EAT! or regret later.

Ordered satay (a stick of skewered and grilled meat) as well. It is nice cause it is all lean meats. I really dislike satay with fats coz I really don't like them. Not a famous Penang dish but Kajang which is in Selangor but I think they did a pretty good job here ^^

So much food, it's hard not to *burp* after the meal. Sorry for my lack of manners. >.<

Time for a walk to burn all those fats! 

It is actually the Bai Tian Gong day on the first day I arrived in Penang. A huge celebration for the Chinese Hokkiens as it marks the first Day Chinese New for Hokkiens. Also  known as the Jade Emperor's Birthday. Said to be very happening at the Chew Jetty Village in Penang as Penang populations consist mostly of Hokkien Chinese.

Read up on this festival here if you are interested to know more while I go visit!

I am a Hokkien Chinese myself and I remember that when I was a kid, my family used to go back to my father's hometown at night time for this celebration because the prayers only start after 12 midnight.

Not sure why there are chalk drawings on the tar road but think it has not relation to the festival. Nice drawing nonetheless. Haha..

Nine huge joss sticks (usually three at normal homes)  prepared to be lit up later on as an offering. This is part of an old culture where the culture might be going to extinction as the young generation are not interested in the art of huge joss stick making anymore. Also because it contributes a lot to air pollution.

It was only around 9-ish when we were there and the place is already supper crowded! Crazy happening with performance and singing on stage, picture session with the "Choi San Ye" (God of Wealth)! It's a guy in d suit that mimics ofcourse. Not the real one. Haha.. 

This man has got serious talent! He just put some paint onto the piece of paper and drag it to flow with a small cardboard to create different animals. Really cool! Looks easy peasy but I'm sure it's not something the majority can do. They are available for purchase and he is in one of those wooden house turned into shop along the walkway from the entrance to the jetty in the village.

View from the jetty. It's really nice with the light up boat at the end. Can't really capture the scene with my camera.

A table of offering prepared outside the small temple situated at the end of the jetty.

While on the road outside the village entrance is a very long stretch of offerings! Placed on the table by different people who brought the offerings. Probably stretched to as long as 15 tables? I think.. My mom was so fascinated with all the offerings on the table. It is just like a parade of offerings. Haha.

Some people are taking opportunity of the crazy crowd to sell stuff like this cute Zombie Clay pen from Plant vs Zombie game. I actually quite enjoy playing that last time. lol. Mom bought some as souvenir for the kids.

We did not stay till the praying starts as I was turning into a zombie after a few hours drive.. Got.. to.. reach.. the.. bed... before.. I.. black.. out..

On the way back.. Marilyn Monroe on the wall. It's amazing how famous she is. I have not even seen her movie or anything but all these visuals of her and her name implanted in my brain. Crazy how easy I can remember and recognise it's Marilyn Monroe.

Elvis Presley the lady charmer and Charlie Charplin the great performer. So good at what he's doing that he can make people laugh without saying a word! Action speaks it all.

Passed by a shop which is getting ready for the prayers as well. They have those rare huge joss sticks as well. I really like to just sit and observe all this cultures which are slowly vanishing away...

It is such a waste but it also contributes to pollution. So what's your view on this?

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