Wednesday, 24 May 2017

 // Attending Ivan Young Debut Fashion Show//

Multilabel Group by Jane and Elle has recently debuted a new luxury fashion brand under their group in Malaysia. The new luxury label, Ivan Young was featured with a fashion show grand opening just recently. 

The show highlights the designer's clothes fundamentally made of premium mulberry silk. It revolves around some contemporary design and also the cheongsam collection which is designed with modern and elegant touch,

Ivan Young is a Goungzhou-based fashion Designer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Fashion degree from South China Agricultural University. He first started his career designing the Chinese Ambassador Culture custom-made clothing line. Although the fashion show only display his creation works for women, Ivan Young hand made clothing also creates exquisite and fine garments for men as well. 

 // Using Ostrich Hair to Create a Fluffy Elegant Shoulder Dress //

 // Silk Satin Bikini Bra Top with a Cape Over //

 // Shoulder Hover Blazer //

If you are wondering what type of clothings does Ivan Young tailor make, you will find a wide range of stylish gowns, cheongsams, blouses, skirts, pants and ready-to-wear simple silhouette designs. All garments are made of silk for maximum comfort and to relieve skin sensitive, especially suitable for pregnant ladies. 

// White Crepe Silk Fan Sleeve Crop Top & Satin Silk Side Slit Maxi Skirt //

Among the many, this is my favourite for it's design and also colour selection. Simply made up of a combination of contrasting white, red and black but still able to harmonize each other. It's design show a little silhouette of a female's body but empowered with soft flowy fan sleeve and also flare slit maxi skirt.

Which one is your favourite design?

// Ivan Young and his Design Collection // 

// Elle and Jane of Multilabel Group with Designer, Ivan Young //

For more designs collection and information, do visit Ivan Young facebook as listed below!

Ivan Young | Multilable Group

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