Friday, 19 May 2017

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Good morning from Tennoji! This is probably one of the most anticipated plan in my trip itinerary! We will be going to the Osaka Castle and Garden for a brisk walk in a historical ancient place surrounded by beautiful sakura blooms! I took a subway train from the place I stay, Shitennoji Station to Tenmabashi Sation. The Osaka Castle is just a very short walk from the station.

// Hello Sakura //

It was just the beginning of the blooming season during my trip but I'm still so excited to see my first blooms! One of the best place to enjoy the blooms would be at Osaka Castle where the place is filled with Sakura trees all around! Castle in Japan is usually surrounded by beautiful wide gardens which is why it is one of the best place to enjoy the blooms!

// Otemon Gate // 

Are you excited yet? Well, let's go through the Otemon Gate into the castle!

By the way, yes, I'm wearing skirt but it actually quite cold on that day! Which is why I'm wrapped up everywhere else! Haha..

// Sakura Trees //

First sigh of the blooms! Aren't they sooo beautiful? I swear there's no trees which are every so beautiful without leaves but just these pretty pink blooms! It's not full bloom season yet but they already look so gorgeous!

// Shudokan // 

This is the Shudokan, the hall for the study of martial art and Hokotu Shrine, the place for worship situated at the surrounding outside compound right opposite of the castle.

 // Statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi //

Statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi - a warrior, general, samurai, politician of the Sengoku period. He is regarded as Japan's great second unifier, as he brought the end of the Warring States period. He was also the person who despise the following of Christianity by ordering the execution of twenty six Christians by crucifixion. 

Hmm.. there's always the bright and dark side story of rulers in the ancient time. It all depends what are their believes and also their direction during their ruling time.

There's always beautiful white sakura trees around the area. Surrounded by all these florals, I feel like I could die in peace now. Haha.

 // It's really cold //

 // Oden Meal //

Right outside, there's this saviour Oden stall! A hot meal is the best thing I could ask for right now. Sure is good business! Haha.. Their Oden is pretty similar to our steamboat with frozen food ingredients. Can't ask for anything more than this yummy comforting food with hot soup!!!

// Funny faces //

While waiting for my Oden, feeling cold. Haha..

// My Oden Bowl // 

It's finally here! My glorious much awaited Oden bowl! Hehe.. It has Udon noodles with bean curd skin. tofu skin packet and something similar to rice pops.. Let's eat! Itadakimasu!

// Close up Sakura // 

Haaa.... it's sad that we have reach the end of the post! Stay tune for my second part journey to the Osaka Castle inner compound and also the museum!

Here's a short list of links on Ōsakajō, 大阪城 which I have compiled for your convenience;
Ōsakajō, 大阪城 
Map of Osaka Castle
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