Monday, 22 May 2017

 // Flower Pizza //

We all know Pizza is the conventional item in the menu that we will all order when it comes to a gathering with family and friends or at any fun moments at all! However, are you already bored with the repetitive Pizza choices available? It is always either Hawaiian Chicken for me or the seafood selection.

// Mini Muffin Pizza //

Guess what? There's now going to be a new venue for Pizza lovers to gather and have a great time sharing new Pizza dishes with your friends over Friday night and the weekends! Anchor Food Professionals, the leading group in dairy food services segment has partner up with some participating outlets to introduce PizzaArt, artisanal pizzas to give you a brand new experience!

// Mini Muffin Pizza //

5 types of new artisanal pizzas creation has hit 25 outlets in Peninsula and East Malaysia by storm since this month and will be available throughout the period of time till November 2017! The 5 types of new creations introduced are; 
  • Flower Pizzas - a seafood pizza of tuna and crabmeat delicately arranged in mimic a flower.
  • Pizza Bombs - an explosion of flavours and cheesiness in a ball of chewy dough and crispy crust.
  • Adjaruli Khachapuri - a Georgian boat shaped pizza filled with hot cheese and oozing egg
  • Mini Muffin Pizzas - bite size version of delicious pizza with chicken cube
  • Pot Pie Pizzas - a hearty and satisfying pizza in a pie crust
// Pizza Bombs //

These pizzas available at participating outlets are not frozen ready made pizzas which are served after a session of microwave but freshly made by well trained kitchen crew with advance culinary skills and pizza ovens.

// Adjaruli Khachapuri //

I had a chance to taste all 5 types of these artisanal pizzas during their introduction session last week. Using only their finest such as Anchor Mozzarella Cheese, Anchor Butter, Anchor Culinary Creams and Anchor Cream Cheese, my favourite among the 5 is of course the Adjaruli Khachapuri, a Georgian invention of a boat shaped crusty pizza housing a lake of flowy cheese and an egg to mixed together for a bursting cheesy experience. I just LOVE the melting taste and scent of heavy cheese which envelopes the  crust in my mouth. 

// Pot Pie Pizza //

Cheesy pizza lovers should never ever missed the chance to try it! Be warned that the whole dish weights about 1kg in whole! The more reason to share and enjoy this heavenly cheesy moment with friends and families!

If you already can't wait to try it out, head to these participating outlets now till November 2017;
Klang Valley - Movida and U Pizzeria
Perak - Movida and U Pizzeria 
Penang - US Pizza and Lunarich
Kedah - Sky Garden
Melaka - Movida 
Johor - Movida and Ejohng Concept
Sabah - The Chub's Grill and Mad Ben
Sarawak - Coup De Grill and Bistecca

As the Director of Anchor Food Professionals, Ms Linda Tan said,

"Malaysians are increasingly leading busier lifestyles and are are grabbing food on the go or dining out. Our insights show us that Malaysians  generally love Pizzas. We wanted to excite them further by taking the enjoyment of pizza a level up by introducing extraordinary, gourmet pizzas that are taking the world by storm. If you love pizzas, Toshiba must try."

Anchor Food Professionals

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