Wednesday, 4 January 2017

On the 7th Day of Christmas!

It's already year 2017 but I'm still halfway through my Christmas gifts! Time to buck up and quickly post all of it before the Chinese New Year is here! 

Sally Hansen knows that we women are still bare without glowing skins and beautiful nails and has presented us this set of beautiful gifts on Christmas!

Gift from Sally Hansen includes;

  • Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs
  • Sally Hansen's Nail Polish Remover
  • Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab
  • Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Set

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs - who would have known that it will come one day when we can put on a light makeup on our legs to make them glow, pretty much almost effortlessly. So salon or any kind of tanning needed.

Get a pair of glowing legs which turns head by just a few steps;
  1. shake bottle well
  2. spray onto palm and apply evenly on legs
  3. leave it for 60 seconds to dry and they are set to go!

Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab - people who have job like me which sometimes require a lot of washing leaves our nail condition getting more and more horrible, with more and more chipped nails which is very frustrating!

Hence, it's definitely lovely to have Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab for taking care of our nails! <3

Sally Hansen's Royal Splendor Miracle Gel Set - my favourite of the gift set! 

Most of the time when there is going to be any event or occasion to attend, I decided on my look the veryyy last minute! You have no idea how last minute that sometimes even my nail polish even fail to dry! Then I'll end up washing everything off and going with bare fingers. Heh..

This beautiful manicure set has got me excited to put them on again without being lazy! The Royal Splendor Collection comes in these 3 beautiful colours;
Regal Rosé Wine and dine — or let them eat cake — in a sparkling pale peony 
Off with her Red! Hold court with this vibrant, true red
Prince Char-mint A refreshingly Versailles-worthy pale verdant hue

Miracle Gel™ shades must be coated with the Miracle Gel™ 2X Volume Top Coat for the best result of long lasting manicure without having the need of UV /Led Light Curing treatment which we usually get from the nail salon.

Plus point: It has the finishing of a gel manicure but is easily done and easily removed as well.

Salon finishing but done at home! That definitely saves my wallet from bleeding a whole lot!

My favourite goes to the pale peony and pale mint colour© What's yours?

You can get the Miracle Gel™ shades at selected Watsons, Guardian, Sasa Malaysia, Caring and Parkson. They will be selling at a retailing price of RM36.90 per unit.

Thank you MHB and Sally Hansen Malaysia for the wonderful gift this Christmas!

By the way, I stumble across this on Sally Hansen Malaysia facebook! My favourite shape is always No.3 Square. It says; serious, responsible & always up for challenges. Remember to breath & relax sometimes. Do you think it resembles my personality?

Seems to know me well and right now, I am learning to breath & relax :)

Does your nail shape describes your perfectly?

Sally Hansen Malaysia

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