Saturday, 31 December 2016

On the 6th Day of Christmas!

It is important to put on pieces of accessories on the wrist, neck and also ears to complete our look as a woman. Bare skin always make us look incomplete no matter how outstanding our outfit of the day is.

I used to visit Esprit outlets a lot and would browse through their timepiece everytime because I find them really feminine and elegant. It has always been in my wishlist to own an Esprit Timepiece and finally, I could wear one proud on my wrist.

The watch gets an extra cookie point from me for being in rose gold colour and chain design. Rose gold is a very feminine and sweet colour but it requires extra care in comparison to other colours. Rose Cold coating is prone to come off when it comes in contact with fragrance, lotion and etc. Hence, please be careful if you are going to own accessories with Rose Gold coating.

It's not only an accessory but something very useful in our lives that I would wear them out every single day (if I remember where I misplace it sometimes :x ). 

This feminine timepiece is suitable to be worn with all feminine outfit; pair it with a working attire, or a glamourous gown for dinner and you'll be set to go! Being stainless steel and waterproof too, it more than convenient to wear it out for light outdoor events without needing to worry about damaging it's condition.

Thank you MHB and ESPRIT for the wonderful gift this Christmas!

Esprit Timepiece

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