Wednesday, 11 January 2017

On the 11th Day of Christmas!

We had a mini gathering at Morganfield's because we wanted to try the Oink! Oink! Christmas Platter :D Well-known for their pork-ribs which comes with an expensive price tag, it's usually a place chosen to celebrate special occasions. My first time here too!

Menu for Christmas is;
  • Mini Jolly Christmas Platter (RM159.90)
  • Jolly Christmas Platter (RM249.90)

We were spoilt for choice with a wide range of beverage choices to choose from but it's always good to have these pork platters with some beer :D They have special in house promotion for 3 pint of beers. Do check it out if you're ordering beers for 3 :)

It took sometime before the platter arrives and we were crazy hungry by then. Guess it was because of the rainy weather and also the amount of customers due to the festive season.

We had this Jolly Christmas Platter (RM249.90) for 3-4 person consisting of;

  • 1/2 slab spare ribs (choice of Hickory BBQ / Garlicky BBQ / Smoke Peppercorn /or Spicy Lemongrass)
  • Jack Daniel's Glazed Baby Back
  • Roasted Whole Turkey Drumstick marinated with Herb Yoghurt basted with BBQ Sauce
  • Grilled Footlong Farmer's Bratwurst Sausage (***missing from my serving *insert horror face*)
  • Grilled Herby Hog Sausage 
  • Grilled Spicy Devil Sausage (but from what I see in the picture, both sausage is probably the same too! =.= I don't think any one of it was the Spicy Devil Sausage)
  • Christmas Stuffing
  • Seasonal Veggies
  • Garden Salad
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
  • Flat Chips
  • Cranberry Jam & Gizzard Gravy  
***I was only aware of the missing Bratwurst Sausage as I was listing the platter items. Definitely felt upset about this discovery. I have writen a  separate post on how they handle this matter. Read all about it here.

I actually like the Jack Daniel's Glazed Baby Back, short ribs more than the spare ribs as they are more tasteful and delicious. Their flat chips were fairly thick but still crunchy. It was a good :)

The drumstick however, lacks flavour, unlike that it has gone through marination process as the flavours definitely did not sip into the meat. Perhaps a longer marination process would help.

Overall, it was just a fairly good meal but did not seems to have met my expectation I had on their much raved about spare ribs for the price I paid for. The platter was also cold when served, which reduce my appetite although was already hungry by the time it arrived.

I doubt I would ever return it as the food and service I received does not justify to the price I paid.

First and last visit.

Morganfield's Malaysia

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