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C.Michael is finally creating an extension of their beauty service! The new branch out service is an Aesthetic & Medical Laser Centre at Avenue K. They are now promoting a new combination service, Signature Glow Treatment (combination of Q Switched Laser + LASEMD) Let's read all about in on my first visit!

I was greeted by a very cheerful Ms.Daphne Yong, therapist manager of the outlet. Her cheerfulness makes me feel right at ease from the first moment I step into their outlet. We had a short session of consultation where she address my area of concern and gave a brief introduction of  the treatment.

My concern revolves around huge skin pores, blackheads, and fine lines which is mostly visible at my laughing lines. 

 As mentioned, the Signature Glow Treatment is a combination of Q Switched Laser LASEMD.

The treatment first started with Q Switched Laser, an overall skin renewal treatment focusing on skin pigmentation problems using the Rich-PTP Technology.

Rich-PTP Toning wavelengths penetrates to my skin, focusing on area of concerned for 3 rounds, starting with 1 pulse, 10Hz, followed by 2 pulse, 10 Hz, and finally 2 pulse, 20Hz. The first round was pretty much painless, 2nd round feels like tiny rubber band snaps and third rounds feels like a strong quick rubber band snaps but was bearable for me.

Before: matt looking and dry skin.

After:  Skin brighter, improved even skin tone, glows and dewy.

This laser treatment is highly recommended for skin with 
  • pigmentation issue; freckles / blemish / melasma / hyper-pigmentation / complexion and also 
  • tattoo removal.  
However, it is good for addressing other skin concerns such as; 
  • large pore / fine line / skin tone / skin texture.
There is no downtime for this treatment which means I don't have to hide under the sun or at home, waiting for my after-treatment skin to rejuvenate to it's normal condition.

Next up would be LASEMD, the ideal Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS) method which is very effective for penetration of revitalizing compounds deep within the skin to improve overall on aging skin and also damaged skin. 

LASEMD offers solution so skin problems such as;
  • Wrinkle Reduction / Anti Aging / Brightening / Whitening / Melasma / Pigment Reduction / Skin Laxity / Scar Reduction 
  • and others such as Hair Loss / Decollete Care / Neck Rejuvenation.

The tiny cones on the roller will emit laser to create tiny holes on our skin similar to needle rollers if you have ever come across them. This will enable easy penetration of ampoules on our skin hence promotes effective and high absorption instead of just partial.

During consultation, the suitable ampoule will be selected base on our skin condition. Ampoules available are as below;
  • VC AMPOULE (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamin C (VC) is one of the strongest naturally occurring antioxidants that encourage younger and healthier skin by promoting healthy collagen structures. It also helps to rejuvenate photoaged and photodamaged skin.
  • VA AMPOULE (Retinol) Vitamin A (VA), and more specifically retinoic acis, is proven to naturally turn back time on skin aging. The retinoic acid improves aging skin by switching on and upregulating genes to help the epidermal basal layer karatinocytes to mature into healthy epidermal cells.
  • TA AMPOULE (Tranexamic Acid) Tranexamic Acid (TA) has been systematically used for decades to help wound recovery after plastic surgery. An unexpected side effect that doctors and scientists discovered was that it brightened skin, resulting in the use of compounds to address melasma. 

VC AMPOULE containing Vitamin C was selected for my skin condition to promote younger skin and repair damaged skin caused by the much polluted environment in our city. As expected, the bottle of ampoule absorbs easily into my skin leaving it feeling radiant and glowy.

There was a little redness on my cheek area, the area of focus and a little warm feeling. This is said to be normal and will go off in about 1 to 2 hours. 

Some redness on the cheek and are below the eyes.

Skin looks absolutely gorgeous after the treatment. If it would look this good everyday, it would be a dream come true! <3

Changes I experienced after the treatment would be;
  • brighter / dewy / more even skin tone
  • shrink pores
  • easy extraction of black heads
  • supple skin
  • lighter fine lines (laughing line)
I would recommend this treatment to those who;
  • are looking for obvious results which normal skin program will not be able to provide.
  • wants brighter skin tone and more even texture with minimal down time.
  • needs after care program to assist in after laser or other alternative energy treatment.
So how much will the treatment cost you?
  • Q Switched Laser: RM400 / session
  • LASEMD: RM1000 / session
Most people might think this is an expensive price, however, that is not the case. I would rather pay this sum for a treatment which shows me obvious improving results within just a few session rather than keep going to an affordable facial program which only show slight changes even after 12 sessions.

If you are interested but still have doubts over this treatment, try it out with a special price now! Just quote "tenshichn blog" for a 1st trial special price of RM299 for this Signature Glow Treatment! <3

C. Michael Aesthetic 

a: Lot 1-1E, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
t: +603-2181 3222

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  1. Melasma laser treatment in Vietnam costs a fluctuating amount of $1000 or above. Following tendency and movement, numerous beauty centers just focus on skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, fat reducing, etc. Thus, melasma therapies often become ineffective.