Thursday, 8 December 2016

Hello there, from The Japan Store, Isetan. 

By now, many have flocked into the newly revamped and upgraded new Isetan at Lot10 now labelled, The Japan Store. I am sure many has also scrolled through interesting pictures and articles about this new place the city is curious about.

However, there was not many coverage of exposure on the food and beverage stations available. There is a few cafe in The Japan Store but this quaint little store caught my attention.

I came across this {X} Coffee Cafe with a simple and clean look which was very much attractive. A closer look and I found out that they serve specialty coffee with many which are graded Cup of Excellence.

It is a multi roaster stand featuring famous Japanese roasters; Maruyama Coffee / Nozy Coffee / Fuglen Coffee. Coffee served are espresso based and filter coffee.

I have a try on their drip coffee with Indonesia / Wahana Natural beans in Medium Roast with a profile taste of Herb, Kiwi and Raspberry (RM33). Although it seems like the filter hole is huge and water flows freely, the coffee taste was surprisingly strong! The palate does not taste the usual coffee bitterness but the fruitiness and sourness was very much noticeable 

They use Cores Coffee Filter recommended by Maruyama coffee and it's in gold!!! Yes, plated with gold! The Cores Pour Over Stand sells at around RM200++ while the Cores Gold Filter sells at around RM400++. Although the cone filter is made in China, I am quite confident with the Japanese quality assurance.

The coffee utensils are displayed just beside the coffee kiosk and they are available for purchase. The arrangement of the display is <3

They also have some french pastries and cake to go with coffee. Some items were on promotion prices when I visited last month. I have not tried any of them but they sure looks good.

There are also a variety of coffee beans available for sale. The coffee beans are from the few famous Japanese roasters mentioned above. Price differs for different beans and roast.

They also sell other interesting products which you usually don't find elsewhere such as Coffee Flower Honey and Coffee Syrup. Coffee Syrup can be used to for Tiramisu recipes, Ice-cream or just with milk! I wonder how honey from coffee flower taste like.

{X} Coffee

a: Level 3, Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10, No 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
t: +6016-311 9298

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