Tuesday, 27 December 2016

On the #4th Day of Christmas!

The month of December is all about getting thoughtful gifts for others and also FROM others! It tickles the heart fancy when it shows that some one cares about you.

This Christmas, I have received a warm box of gift from MHB and Keratase! No other colour could spell a warm Christmas so well other than red. <3

In this beautiful red box is a set of Kerastase Nutritive Treatment - Hair Care Nourishment for Dry Hair;


Kerastase Nutritive Treatment contains a combination of essential nutrients; glucides, proteins and lipids for complete nourishment from hair root to tip!Time to prep my hair towards radiance healthy glow for the new year!

It uses the SYSTEME THERMO-INTENSE technology;
  • Thermo-Reactive Polymer - forms a mesh to seal all nutrients in hair and prevent dryness.
  • Ceramic - retains heat to activate Thermo-Reactive Polymer
  • Xylose - contains thermo-protective properties.

BAIN NUTRI-THERMIQUE - a thermo-reactive intensive nutrition shampoo is the first step for intense nourishment, transforming dry hair to shiny, soft and supple hair!

FONDANT NUTRI-THERMIQUE - a thermo-reactive intensive nutrition conditioner to be applied after hair is washed and towel dried. Massage onto hair length and end, leaving it for about 3 minutes after. Rinse after, and you will feel your hair feeling soft, supple and looking silky.

MASQUE NUTRI-THERMIQUE - an intense nourishing thermo-reactive treatment which gives intense nourishment to the hair. It is to replace the conditioner in the steps for intense nourishment. Leave in after massage for about 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes for the conditioner. Rinse and dry after for silky shiny hair.

NECTAR THERMIQUE - a nourishing care with heat-styling protective agent is the last step for the Nutritive Treatment. Massage onto hair lenghts and ends on towel dried hair and blow dry. It smoothens and entangles hair, giving it a finishing touch! 

It is probably one of the most thoughtful gift this Christmas, taking in account my hair condition! 

Thank you MHB and Keratase for this wonderful gift!

You too will receive a complimentary Texturizer when you purchase a set of Keratase 3-Step Hair Care Ritual! Don't wait! Get it now to get beautiful lustrous hair! <3

Or, you can check out participating Keratase Salons as well to try out their products; locations

Kerastase Nutritive Treatment

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