Monday, 8 June 2015

It was finally the launching of  BiO-LiFE® launches Astaxanthin 4mg at 'The Superstar Ingredient: A Red Carpet Affair' Event on last 15 May 2015 at 1Utama. It was a very very red event indeed as everyone was dressed in red, following the dress code of the event. It was only when I arrive that I saw many familiar faces who were the shortlisted contenders for BiO-LiFE® Star Blogger Award, some being prominent bloggers in the blogging atmosphere.

The event started with a strong and melodious performance by Atilia Haron. It was the strong performance coming from Alitia Haron in a sleek red dress which draws more crowds to the event. A good attraction as follow suit was an introduction speech by BiO-LiFE® General Manager Asia, Mr.John Goebel and a more informational and educational presentation by Dr.Lim Ing Kien. Should you have missed out the presentation, you can get more information on this anti-oxidant supplement and what it does in my previous post here.

The product was launched by BiO-LiFE® General Manager Asia, Mr.John Goebel, together with Dr.Lim Ing Kien  and guest celebrities and influencers; Atilia Haron, Nadia Heng, Joanne Yew and Ee Fee. The guest celebrities have consumed the supplement for a period of time and shared their positive experiences with the crowd. All of them led a very busy life and are faced with external pollutions and free radical everyday. The supplement was able to assist them in repairing the damage endured.

As the time come to announce the winner of the Star Blogger Award, it caused nervousness among us all bloggers. Much to my surprise, the panel judges including members of the BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg team and the guest celebrities have selected me to receive the Astaxanthin Star Blogger Award!

I couldn't express my appreciation enough for those who believe in me and liked my style of blogging. I would like to thank everyone who supported my blog and also the panel judges for making me their choice! <3 Also Thanks to for the highlight in this article.

All bloggers were given a token of appreciation for their effort in sharing information on health and beauty.

A photo with actress, Joanne Yew, travel influencer, Ee Fee, BiO-LiFE® General Manager Asia, Mr.John Goebel, and Dr.Lim Ing Kien.


Now, to share my changes / improvement after consumption of a bottle of  BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg for approximately a month.

What do you think? I think it shows an obvious difference in the radiance of my skin! From very dull to very radiant with natural glow. I love how the product makes you beautiful from inside out instead of being similar to most skin care products which only enhance my outer skin layer.

Additional benefits I experience from the intake of this supplement is faster recovery from muscle pain after yoga classes or exercise and increase speed of wound healing. To know more about BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg and the other benefits which I have started to experience since after 14 days of consumption, check it out here;

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