Friday, 26 June 2015

I've just got my hands on some makeup removers from one of the currently most raved about brand, Bifesta! I'm holding the Bifesta ENRICH Cleaning Lotion for dry skin on the left side and Bifesta Moist Water-Based Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes for normal and dry skin on the right. 

Today, I'll be sharing about the Bifesta Moist Water-Based Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes for normal and dry skin first because I some how fancy cotton wipes more! I'll tell you why as we go along.

I have combination of dry and oily skin, oily due to being too dry. So this range for normal and dry skin is good for me to try on~

This fat soft pack contains an odd number of 46 pieces of cotton wipes inside. Removed the plastic packaging and we have this soft pack with a hard plastic lid on top. Every new pack is sealed with a ring opener, much like those on soft drink cans.. (irrelevant but suddenly it makes me crave for soft drink! >.<)

Once you remover the ring seal, you just need to remove them likes pieces of tissue. Just flap back the cover to seal the soft pack to preserve the moisture inside. As you use, you get a flatter soft pack and I like how it saves space like that. I personally would not keep this big pack in my bag but once it has flatten a lot, I can easily slip it in my bag :)

Here's my tired look at the end of the day. 

Usually, one would thought that we should just take the wet wipe and start wiping our face all over including the eye area. The right way to remove eye makeups is actually placing the wet wipe on top for about 5~10 seconds before wiping it off. This helps to dissolve the makeup and hence cleaning them off thoroughly. Gently wipe off the mascara and eyeliner if there is any residue as these could be harder to remove.

A comparison of the cleaned face on the left and still with makeup on on the right side. You can see that the cleaning is quite thorough. In fact, the wet wipes tones and moisturizes your skin as you wipe. Hence, there's actually no need for double cleansing! It is said that I will be able to apply on other skin care products right away without any rinsing!

As you wipe, you might feel that the liquid will leave a sticky texture on your skin. Once you let it dry for it bit, there is actually no stickiness. In fact, it feels a little supple too! <3 For those who feel that it does not feel clean enough without additional cleansing, you can just rinse it with water so that the moisturizer is not washed off.

One sheet is all I need for a thorough cleaning! Amazing how it is said to be able to remove sunblock as well! We all know how oily sunblock can be really stubborn on our skin and definitely need double cleansing to remove them!

I like the soft fiber of the cleaning sheet as it doesn't feel rough on my skin at all! Feels really gentle! It might smell a little alcoholic but it is fragrance free, colarant free and oil free! Less unwanted nor needed chemicals is good news! If you have not realized, they are actually the first to discover water-based makeup remover in Japan too!

Just wipe them all off with one sheet and I'm off to bed! Super duper uselful for times when I get home and I feel so extremely tired and lazy to remove, wash, tone and moisturize my face before heading to bed. :D Girls should never never never go to bed with make up on! With a super convenient 3-in-1 Makeup Remover sheet bearing beauty benefits of removing makeup, toning, moisturizing in just one step without rinsing, it is definitely my favourite makeup remover! <3

So, for all you people out there who has lazy moments like me, this is very much recommend!

Tips: I usually keep the used thin pack with about 10 left over sheets in my bag for tired moments where I can just remove my makeup in the car on the way back! Saves so much time and yet keep my skin clean and healthy! <3

The other range for Bifesta Water-Based Makeup Remover Cotton Wipes is the Bright Up which works more towards removing melanin cells and dirt trapped in pores! They retail for about RM24.90 in Watsons but currently selling at a promotion price of RM19.80 for a soft pack of 46 sheets!

Bifesta Moist Cleansing Sheet for Normal & Dry Skin

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