Thursday, 14 May 2015

I have recently received a bottle of BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg and have shared about the facts and benefits that this supplement can give in my previous post here

I'm suppose to do a review after the consumption of a bottle of BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg but since they will have a roadshow starting  from 12th to 17th May 2015, I thought some of you would be interested to know the changes in my body after just 2 weeks of consumption!

Not much difference can be seen from the picture hence I will be pointing out some changes on my skin after consuming BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg for 14 days;
  • skin has become more radiant with healthy colour and glow from pale white complexion.
  • pimples with scars  have subsided much quickly.

Some of the health and skin issue I experience lately helps to evaluate the effects of this supplement consumption too; 
  • scalp damage on my head has recover much quickly from chemical damage during a recent hair bleaching process.
  • inflammation I got on my face (from being too near to the steamboat fire) subsided after one day.
  • ulcer in my mouth due to "heatiness" subsided much more quickly than usual.

As for the recent changes in my body which I notice ;
  • feel slightly less fatigue and lethargic
  • an improvement in appetite

All these in just 14 days! I can't wait for the result after consuming the whole bottle! Do keep checking in my blog for my review after my 1 month journey!

If you are interested to know more after reading about my short experience and factual blogpost here  Head on to the roadshow happening at 1Utama Shopping Mall now till 17th May 2015! It would be better if you could come tomorrow, 15th May 2015 at 4pm to witness the official launching!

Do say hi if you see me there! <3

Read about my previous post on BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg here!

 BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg

More info;
AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin :

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