Monday, 4 May 2015

I have just received my month's dosage of Astaxanthin 4mg from BiO-LiFE last Thursday and I'm really excited about this! It's time to religiously intake a pill each everyday and let's see what it does after a month's consumption!

But wait a minute! What's Astaxanthin and why am I so excited about this supplement?
Here's an excerpt I found from BiO-LiFE Astaxanthis packing;

"Astaxanthin is a naturally accuring carotenoid found in nature primarily in marine organisms such as microalgae, salmon and krill. It is the pigment that provides salmon with their pink-red colour. The microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis is considered the richest source of astaxanthin. 
The astaxanthin used is BiO-LiFE Astaxanthin 4mg capsule is cultured and extracted under a unique and controlled technology."

I know most of you would rather not go deep into the technicality of this supplement. All you want to know is what it will do to your body and why you need to take this supplement! So let's get started!

We have heard about free radicals and how they are our enemy. Actually, our body produces free radicals as well but at an amount which our body antioxidants will be able to handle. That's why when we talk about free radicals, it is always those produced by toxic in environments surrounding us such as pollution, the sun's UV light, tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption. The disability to neutralize these free radical leads to a damaging condition called "oxidative stress".

Oxidative stress is the primary reason for our aging body and the most powerful oxidant and anti-infalmmatory known to science right now to neutralize these external free radical is Astaxanthin.

This supplement is made with AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin, a registered threadmark of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. who are commited to ensure the supply of superior, natural Astaxanthin products through it's subsidary AstaREAL AB Sweeden.

The positive health effects of AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin is proven to work and amazingly diverse as well;

Enhance Skin's Natural Beauty;
  • Revitalizes photoaged skin by quenching oxidative stress and inflammation in all skin layers
  • Reduces the size of wrinkles and improves skin microtexture
  • Improves elasticity in the skin by strengthening the collagen layer

Improve Muscle Endurance;
  • Boosts muscle endurance and recovery
  • Lowers lactic acid and fatigue
  • Reduces muscle damage and inflammation
  • Improves blood flow and the quality of red blood cells
  • Enhances fat metabolism by improving mitochondria function
 Natural Support for Heart;
  • Improves blood lipid profile
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Enhances capillary circulation
Sharpen Eyes Vision;
  • Improving symptoms linked to Computer Vision Syndrome and eye fatigue
  • Improving capillary blood flow
  • Reducing inflammation of the ciliary muscle
Enhance Immune Response;
  • Faster immune response
  • Strengthens and balances the immune system
  • Enhances antibody production
  • Protects immune cells against oxidative stress

Keep Mind Intune;
  • Improves age-related forgetfulness,multitasking,and alertness
  • Decreases oxidation of red blood cells, which is linked to the prevention of dementia
  • Enhances capillary blood flow and blood antioxidant quality
  • Modulates blood pressure, lowering stroke risk and improves vascular endothelial health
Improve Gastric Health;
  • Lowers gastric inflammation
  • Decreases infection of Helicobacter pylori
  • Reduces clinical symptoms in dyspepsia patients

In a summary;

"BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg is a powerful anti-oxidant which studies have revealed to greatly improve skin through the reduction of wrinkles, age spots and moisture loss, while also promoting better skin elasticity. A dose of Astaxanthin a day promotes improvements to skin health and also reduces skin damage caused by sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet light."
Honestly speaking, this is probably the supplement which impressed me the most to date and I can't wait to see the result! 

 BiO-LiFE® Astaxanthin 4mg

More info;
AstaReal® Natural Astaxanthin :

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