Saturday, 20 June 2015

Received a parcel of everything cute and lovely from 7PolkaDots just recently! I have always wanted to order these cute zakka deco items but never really did.Always feel that I 'm not artistic enough to put them to good use. However, am so glad that the day finally came!

Received this packed with love delivery from Valerie, the person behind 7PolkaDots. Parcel consist of;
  • Rilakkuma Jelly Sticker Set (RM12 RM24)
  • Make-up Sticker Set (RM6.50 RM13)
  • Vintage Flower Notebook (RM10 RM16
  • Petit Deco Sticker Set (RM6 RM12)
I could browse all day, looking at these zakka stationaries and deco at their website. <3 Makes me feel like adding everything to the cart and just checking out all the time! I never really buy much of these zakka and deco stationaries, just window shopping. Porbably because I'm not that artistic of a person and I thought it would be a waste to just buy and let them sit in my drawer all the time.. but yea! The day finally came when I actually received them in my postbox! <3

Make-up Sticker Set (RM6.50 RM13) comes with 3 sheets of stickers; Eye, Mouth & Nose. Had been wanting to do something with my mini jar I got from a Brulee purchase but have not thought of what yet. So I played with the stickers and gave my mini jar some personality!

Maybe more like dual personality. Haha. A happy side and an evil side! *rawr* So I can talk my heart out with the little jar whenever I've got something happy to share or some crappy stuff to complain about.. I'm just kidding! Haha.. but it does look cute right? 

Rilakkuma Jelly Sticker Set (RM12 RM24) which comes in 3 designs. Jelly stickers are one of my favourite type of stickers because I like the look and feel of these jelly pop up effect! Can't really explain why, perhaps it's just like loving something without reasoning, much like kids. Just stick one cute chickyon top of my little jar be cause seeing it just brightens up my day.. Maybe I'll just keep my hair pins inside so that it can brighten me up every beginning of the day!

Vintage Flower Notebook (RM10 RM16) has 144 pages per book. Available in 4 designs; Pueple Flower, Yellow Sunflower, Lime Yellow Small Flower and Red Flower. Works well as a diary but I've passed the age of keeping a secret diary.. so what shall I do with it?

Petit Deco Sticker Set (RM6 RM12) consist of 8 sheets per set (comes with envelope packing). I actually thought it was just blocks of floral vintage pattern stickers but was delighted to know that they actually came in cut out shapes! Love the bows especially!

Decided to group my collection of favourite recipes in this little notebook. Can pretty well fit them in a page or 2, so it's just perfect! These little cute bows does make a lot of difference to my boring handwriting! Doesn't look so boring and mundane after decorating them with the cute bow stickers! Might even try using washi tapes later on. Everyone loves washi tapes, right?

If I have just spiked your creative side and your hands are itching to get these cute stuff, head on to 7Polka Dots now! They probably have everything you will be looking for because they are one of the online store with the biggest stationary inventory in Malaysia! All these cute products are imported from Korea / Taiwan / China.

If I got you thinking why most of the prices I listed up there are reduced, you got it right! They are now have sales and promotion prices on selected items! For sticker lovers, it's time to get crazy with your cart! All stickers are on 50% sale! Grab them quick before they run out of stock!

 P/S: I know a lot of you out there would love to have what I received. If you do not mind that I have used some of it, I'd like to give out this used set to you! Just comment below with your email and tell me why you would want them! The lucky person gets to have it! Postage fee applies, though!


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