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About a month ago, I took note of an invitation for the launching of a beauty supplement or rather, more of a beauty solution I would say. This Crystal Tomato Plus was a total alien to me. Not knowing anything about it, I watched a video on their facebook page and got a rough idea of it being a product which can enhance a person's skin beauty. 

I was rather more interested of it being the solution to pigmentation as a small patch has started to surface on my face. So off I went to attend the launching of Crystal Tomato Plus in Malaysia!

It was a very serious introduction of the product with many technical terms used to scientifically introduce the product and its functions, definitely felt like I was attending a lecture by a professor on a new found discovery in the aesthetic field.

The presentation was conducted by Dr.Alain Kaiat who has been involved in the discovery and formation of Crystal Tomato Plus including studies of the effectivess of this product towards Melasma, Pigmentation and Dark Spots. Studies conducted includes skin samples from asia as well.

Melasma, pigmentation and dark spots is common but is treated as a nuisance and causes embarrassing moments most of the time. They can be caused by long term sun exposure, fluctuating hormones due to pregnancy of birth control pills, menopause, genetics, or damage to skin due to aggressive injury.

I used to like going under the sun a lot without any sunscreen protection because I was unaware of pigmentation problems until much much later which is just recently. Just about less than a year ago, I started having skin condition screening and I found out that there's huge patches of pigmentation waiting to surface on my face and just a few months ago, a small patch actually made its way up to my skin surface. 

I was really concern about it because pigmentation at my age is really early and I knew it was all because of all the time when I go under the sun without sunscreen. It is also because there's actually no way or slim chances some aesthetic methods can effectively remove pigmentation. Nobody told me about skin damage due to the sun, about pigmentation and the importance of suncreen and now it became a huge regret in my life to take my fair skin for granted.

It is not until I was introduced to Crystal Tomato Plus that I am convinced that there is now a way to effectively reduce and even clear off melasma, pigmentation and dark spots. A one-a-day dietary supplement containing Crystal Tomato colourless Carotenoids can protect our skin in the following ways;
  • natural suncreen against UVA/B to protect against UV damage, photo-oxidation and unburn
  • as anti-oxidants to protect against free radical damage caused by environmental agressors
  • have anti-inflammatory properties against wounds and UV damage
  • inhibit melanin synthesis to prevent pigmentation spots from forming
  • reduce the melanin present in the cells including dark acne scars, freckles, dark underarms and age spots.
According to studies on asian skin, the effectiveness can be seen from 2-3 months intake onwards.

Kathry Lee, spokeperson for Crytal Tomato Plus gave a testimonial that her skin has turned fairer and that she does not experience skin damage anymore when working under the harsh sun condition.

The Crystal Tomato Plus Supplement is best paired with the application of Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream for maximum result. The Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream;
  • safe and gentle for all skin types
  • does not contain hydroquinone or harsh whitening agents
  • has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to promote good skin health annd protects against formation of new melanin spots
  • contains UVA/UVB filters to prevent the UV stimulation of melanocyte
  • does not dry skin and cause irriration or thinning of skin
The Crystal Tomato Plus Supplement is now available at aesthetic medical clinics at RM480 for a box of 30 caplets while the Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream is available at RM450 for a tube of 30ml cream.

Crystal Tomato Plus & Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream

t: Ms. Andres Goh @ +6012-345 0343 | office @ +603-7842 7277

Disclaimer: All information shared are provided from the presentation and explanation of the Crystal Tomato team and distributor, Vennbio. I personally have no experience to share on the consumption of this product as 10 caplets provided as a token of appreciation during the launching event will most probably show no result or effect.

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