Monday, 18 May 2015

It was a short break with 2 additional holidays to the weekend break. Time to catch up with some friends! Most of the indie cafes and coffee bars were closed on Mondays! Lucky to have found this coffee bar welcoming us!

Honestly, I have not heard of Frisson Coffee Bar but am so glad to have stumble across this place! 

Unlike many cafe which offers the usual breakfast selection, their menu is quite refreshing with some listing new to me. One of the drink under the If Tomorrow Never Comes Selection caught my attention. It makes me curious on the taste outcome of the drinks mixture.

Midnight Counting Sheep (RM22.90) - Somerby Apple Cider with a single-shot of espresso & a scoop of premium vanilla ice-cream. It is kinda pricey for a drink but considering the type of mixture, the price is actually quite reasonable.

Fill up the glass with Somerby Apple Cider.

Then pour in a shot of espresso~

Midnight Counting Sheep concoction ready for tasting! I was expecting something like soda mix with coffee but this taste slightly different with an addition of light alcohol taste. Expect coffee bitter Somersby Apple Cider. Only when you add in the vanilla ice-cream will it taste sweeter. It gives a new flavour but not something I fancy ordering again.

If you prefer the usual selection of drinks, they do offer the above.

Saw this cute wok  on the next table and was attracted to the yummy presentation. Decided to give it a try coz it does look pretty inviting!

Chunky Salmon Ommelette (RM 18.90) - Omelettes stuffed with corn stopped with pan-fried fresh salmon chunks. 

Not sure why but when we were ordering, we were told that for the day, the pan-fried fresh salmon chunks will be replaced with slices of smoked salmon. The smoked salmon which was lightly seasoned with salt taste really good and fresh..

Under Frisson's Stuffed Croissant, we selected the Chicken Ham (RM15.90) - Corals, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, olives and chicken ham wrapped in Frisson's Croissant.

Love how the croissant was fresh and light, ham cooked till crispy and fragrant.

Lastly, we had these little Frisson's Bruschettas. Berries on the front and Salmon Egg behind, both at RM6.00 each. Great as small bites but seems a little pricey for small dishes like this.

A sneak peak on some menu selections at Frisson's Coffee Bar..


Get 50% off all coffees and cakes.

Our bill total up to about RM60 for 3 person. Price sounds reasonable for filled up tummies :)

 Frisson's Coffee Bar

a: 71-G, Jalan SS21/1A, Petaling Jaya.
t: 03-7732 9969

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