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Two weeks ago, I received an invitation to a makeover and introduction to Givenchy's new TEINT Couture Collection. It's Givenchy, one of the most sought after cosmetic brands in the market, of course I was really looking forward to what I was about to discover!

Thanks to Givenchy for having me!

Upon arrival, I was given a piece of bare face canvas and told to apply my daily makeup to the canvas itself. It wasn't just a fun painting class, the end result was going to be transferred to my own face by their very talented makeup artist, Kris. I was a little nervous having not used any makeup products by Givenchy but excited at the same time to discover products new to me.

The colour palettes were aplenty for eye shadows, eyeliners, lip liners, lipsticks and more!

The main idea was actually to introduce their new range of TEINT Couture Collection which includes the TEINT Couture BALM. Just by the look of the sample packaging and application on the canvas, it looks just like any other foundation / BB cream application. What's so special about the new balm? Well, it's not exactly a foundation and it's not exactly a BB cream either. More information to be revealed later..

So this is my like a pro make-up on my canvas. Very plain, huh? But I prefer having light make up with a little bit of contouring below my cheek. Can't wait to find out what it's going to look like, transferred to my face!

Tadaa! Transformation done! Do you think Kris's make-up on me looks like what I painted on my canvas? Kinda similar, right? Got to say I really love Kris's skills and the amazing effect of Givenchy TEINT Couture and Le Rouge products! 

"This is a completely unique emulsion with a transforming, thrilling texture. A luxury ingredient: diamond powder blurs away the features and diffuses a soft light" - NICHOLAS DEGENNES

I could not agree more with the description above. The result from TIENT Couture Balm application gives better result than the hybrid of foundation, BB cream and skincare balm. It provides less coverage than a foundation, revealing true skin colour, looking natural instead of an obvious difference in skin tone between face and neck. It corrects different skin tone, spots and blemishes much better than a BB cream. It gives as much comfort and lightness as a skincare balm.

The most amazing thing is, it is the first balm that gives a blurring complexion that I never thought it could provide. Before this, only beauty mode camera or apps will be able to give that flawless, smooth, blurring complexion effect but not anymore! Result from the application of TIENT Couture Balm let us achieve amazing baby smooth skin without any beauty camera. A great achievement and breakthrough I would say. I'm loving it for being a light coverage but yet able to hide my flaws and give me a healthy complexion!

There are 9 shades to fit the needs of all skin tones, from the fairest to the darkest. As for myself who has fair skin towards the yellow tone, I'm using the TEINT Couture Balm No.3 Nude Sand Shade.

Unlike many foundations and BB cream, TIENT Couture Balm uses a water-in-silicone formula with no greasy oils or heavy esters, but only a selection of particularly light and evanescent oils. It gently blends with the skin leaving behind a supple, fine and extra light coverage. The diamond powder encapsulated inside a polymer matrix works to correct all blemishes while creating a pure and natural radiance. Other active ingredients includes a jasmine flower extract which protects the cells against oxidative stress, limits harmful effects of sun's rays and prevents photoaging.

Did you notice that my eye bags were nowhere to be found? This is the result of TEINT Couture Concealer. Concealer is one of the most important item in my makeup collection! If you ask me to forgo every other makeup items and only choose one, I am definitely keeping the concealer. Being a fair skin asian, I get a lot of compliment and words of envy for my fair skin. However, little did they know that it is because of my fair skin that my eye bags and dark circles are extremely obvious. It doesn't help that my eye get strained a lot from computer works and late night sleeps. My dark circles could go so bad that some people would ask if I had eye shadows on. One of the darkest secret of a fair skin asian.

There's 3 shades available and the one which blends really well with my skin tone is TEINT Couture Concealer No.2, Dentelle Beige.

The TEINT Couture Concealer actually does the work of a concealer, highlighter and contouring. Just side by side, the beige delivers a corrective colour while the pink stripe does the highlighting job. Starts the application from the roots of the lower lashes and it will illuminate the eye line. The concealer is a great addition to have as it does not just cover dark circles but creates the right complexion by erasing the blues in dark circles, the redness around the eye rims, reviving the eyes and stays all day!

"Fuse the shades together until they achieve the height of their transparency, With a small brush, work the product over the contours and inside the nose to erase micro redness, apply the pale pink shade to the lip contour for definition, on top of the cheekbones for a touch of light, under the eyebrows to lift them..." - NICHOLAS DEGENNES

Finally, it's time to highlight possibly the most alluring and sexy part of our face, the lips. On my hand is Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick. Leather shoes, leather handbags, they never fail to get the girls excited and this time around, it's Givenchy Le Rouge in leather! Studs and leathers are match made in heaven and having both together, it doesn't get a girl more excited than this! I usually apply natural shades with a bit of highlight for a fresh look but would opt for some strong bold colours sometimes.

I do not use lipstick much as they are drying most of the time. My usual practice would be to apply lip balm as a layer of moisturizer before applying lipsticks but sometimes, they still manage to dry out my lips which would make it look horrible. Similar to my practice, I firstly applied a layer of lip balm before applying Givenchy Le Rouge as a second layer and just went out for an event! Much to my delight, my lips didn't get dry and chip! This is definitely a treasure to keep!


The lipstick shade I am using here is Givenchy Le Rouge 317 Corail Signature. Got to say again that I'm loving this strong coral red colour which lifts up my make-up overall.

Being introduced to Givenchy's makeup range for the first time, I fell deeply in love with it. I'm guessing they will turn into an addictive drug soon! 

You can check them out at Sephora stores near you or visit their website and facebook for more info!

GIVENCHY Teint Couture & Le Rouge.

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