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It was an impressive sight at the launch of MaskSlim E-store last week in terms of both invited guest and the brand product itself! Just like MaskSlim's newly launched mask label, guest at the events were all bearing a radiant glow on their skin. Add a halo on top of them and you might even mistake them for angels!

It was an event not to be missed by beauty bloggers and skincare enthusiast! I sure met a lot of familiar faces who would agree that this is somewhat like a celebration for us beauty skin care lovers! 

MaskSlim was founded in 2012 by Estee Leong with the vision to provide all women with the access to natural beauty by including face mask into their beauty regime. MaskSlim first operated in it's brick and mortar shop at SS2, importing, distributing and selling highly sourced mask from oversea

Being some one who suffers constant acne outbreak on her skin, she has always been on a journey to discover new mask in hope to cure her skin condition or at least stabilize her skin. However, it was a painful journey having not able to find the solution. Little does she know that the answer lies close to her. 

It was the beginning of a new chapter when Estee was persuaded a beautician friend to try his home-made mask made from natural fruits and plants. It was no ordinary mask as the mask was made of fruit stem-cell extract. The result was miraculous and amazing! Align with MaskSlim's vision, Estee embarked on a personal mission to mass produce this beauty recipe, making it available to all women worldwide!

For quality assurance, MaskSlim researches and manufactures its own range of products in France, abiding by its believe of using ingredients derived from orange stem cells and natural ingredients. The ingredients were so active that a 15 minutes application was all needed to create a noticeable improvement! Not just that, its mask are safe for everyday use, unlike the traditional believe that we should only pamper our skin with mask twice a week.

Stem cells is no stranger in the skin care vocabulary but there's no doubt that many do not know that stem cells actually are or what they do. Stem cells are found in most complex living organism such as humans, animals and even plants. Stem cells have been found to be able to renew and repair themselves to original state. It is because of the regeneration quality that stem cells are used widely to treat diseases and for healing purposes

This is also the reason why stem cells extracted from fruits and plants are the core ingredient in MaskSlim products. These stem cells play an active role in tissue renewal, skin restoring and diminishing aging effects. If you are still in doubt about the miraculous effect of MaskSlim products, Estee and many other well-known customers swears by their skin! 

"I was initially hesitant to try MaskSlim after Estee introduce me to this brand, but curiosity got me started and ever since, I have been faithfully trying different products within this wonderful range. Due to my busy lifestyle and my constant travels where I don’t even have time for my facials to relax my skin, I was recommended to try the AquaSense and Pristine Nature range. The most effective way to nourish my skin since the formula allows me to leave it on overnight. Natural in texture and not sticky at all, I wake up to a much smoother and softer skin and almost radiantly finer in my skin texture. I alternate with these two products and even use them as a light morning day cream before my make up. It is simply amazing that as days goes by even after coming back from New York, a long haul trip, my skin is still a lot more hydrated than before. I am glad I have finally found a range that suits my skin well and is neither heavy nor oily in texture. For now I am definitely looking forward to better youthful skin I am proud of for my age. I would recommend anyone with drier skin to try MaskSlim’s amazing range." - Datin Winnie Loo (Founder, A Cut Above)

MaskSlim offers mask in 5 types of material as below;

Sheet Mask - the most common type which can be found in the market, this type of mask is easy to use especially for beginners. Even for common mask users, it is a simple alternative to replenish nutrients into the skin. MaskSlim sheet masks are soaked with easy absorbent and special formulated serum for every day replenishment.  

Cream and Masqué - Cream mask are best used for dry and aging skin as it promotes intensive moisturizing benefit while purifying pores for easy absorption of nutrients. If you need a quick and easy deep cleansing while promoting a youthful look, this is the mask type to go to.

Gel - Gel type mask is one of my favourite! Due to its cooling nature and ability to lock in moisture, it is ideal as an overnight mask. Super convenient as it only needs to be applied on the face before going to bed for the mask to work it's magic, providing some moisture, exfoliating and detoxifying benefit around the clock until the next morning!

Clay - The type of mask well known for it's deep cleansing ability, clay mask does a great job in cleaning out most of the impurities stuck in pores and also removing a gentle layer of dead skin. It also works by extracting all the excess sebum production to help reduce acne breakout. Clay masks are advised to be used only once a week as too frequent usage will lead to overly dry skin.

Crystal - The premium crystal peel-off form mask is easy to use as the name itself suggest. Just leave it to dry and peel it off. Maybe just labeling it as premium does a little injustice to it as the benefit that it holds is of mother of all masks combined; moisturizing, calming, toning, firming, brightening, purifying just to name a few.

Even though mask are usually used as a supplement to replenish nutrients into the skin, it is important to know which type of mask suits our skin. If you are still not clear about which mask you should go for, here's some understanding for different skin type needs;

Moisturizing - The most common skin problem is dehydration. Often than not, all problem sprouts just because our skin condition is too dry. A good hydration mask is needed every so often to refill the moisture in our skin, creating soft and supple skin. It could even help deactivate oil release and counter wrinkly dry skin condition. MaskSlim Aquasense range provides the solution to this problem.

Oil control - Skins which frequently releases oil often leads to clogged pores. To counter this problem, look for mask which is formulated to help deep cleanse to clear pores and dead skins while controlling oil sebums. try MaskSlim Pristine Nature range for oil control.

Youthfulness - Youthfulness is the key to looking pretty and getting heads turn everytime! when the time comes, it is one of every women's major concern. Use mask which can help promote bouncy skin while reducing wrinkles, spots and other sign of aging. MaskSlim Spring Beauty will be able to do just that!

Even Tone - Being exposed under the sun everyday, we are bound to get pigmentation and patches of different skin tone easily. As these problems make us why away from the crowd, the only solution is to remove the obvious skin tone and balance it our across our skin. Try out MaskSlim La Radiance mask for a even skin tone and radiant glowing skin!

Firming - Getting loose and sagging skin is unavoidable as we begin to age. However, that does not mean we can't supplement it with nutrients to make our skin firm and elastic. Mask regimen makes a big difference in this case and you can definitely see the result with 15 minutes of MaskSlim Au Verve!

I brought home a fair share of MaskSlim  products at the end of the event and can't wait to see magic happens!

MaskSlim is also the first to offer a 30-Day mask programme for RM488! This programme uses a combination of all 8 sheet mask (Au Verve Firming Charcoal Sheet Mask / Au Verve Toning Sheet Mask / Pristine Nature Calming Sheet Mask / Pristine Nature Balancing Sheet Mask / Spring Beauty Eye Firming Sheet Mask / Aquasense Firming 3D Sheet Mask / Aquasense Hydrating Sheet Mask / La Radiance Oxygenating Sheet Mask) to renew, lighten, purify, nourish and leave your skin radiant and youthful! It is a must try as there has been many testimonials on the high effectiveness!

Head on to their newly launched e-store now to check out on the promotion! It's only valid for first 100 customers only! Don't miss the deal!


a: No. 34, Jalan SS2/63, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
t: +603-6151 7339

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