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I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the abandonment of my blog. >.< I know. I know, it has been almost a month! All sorts of things happened; broken laptop, personal issues and the preparation of my Japanese inspired soft serve cafe, P.S. Tokyo!

Some of you might have notice postings on my instagram and facebook. Yes, it's probably all related to P.S. Tokyo~ *hard sell face* Haha.. Well, I'm so happy to announce that it's finally open to public! Yay! Please come and support~ *wink wink*

The interior was created based on the idea of Japanese Minimalist + Industrialist Style. An interior I find really simple but able to give out a very comfortable space. Well, I guess this is what people call "less is more" :) Some people might find it plain but it is good to keep distraction low. More focus on your group chats or work.

My favourite place in the cafe has got to be this bar overlooking the view of SS2. My first choice was to have the cafe on ground floor but I'm glad to have found this place on 1st floor with glass panel overlooking the street. It is indeed a great place to work on computer, reading a book or just listening to songs, dreaming about the future.

I dare to say that the view at night looks spectacular! Especially at night on Monday, overlooking the night market crowd. I do recommend you guys to come over during the night time. Enjoy the night view of busy SS2 while enjoying a cup of really premium and smooth soft serve!

Our highlighted item on the menu is our soft serve. Made of real milk, our soft serve taste rich, solid, creamy and really smooth! Hand made fresh daily, our premium Japanese soft serve are of own recipe. We are currently serving three flavours; Matcha, Hojicha & Milk flavour. If you were to ask me which is the best? I would say it's all personal preference! I actually like all of them but each flavour actually have their equal share of fans. Hehe.. 

Matcha, as everyone knows, refer to Green Tea while pretty new in the market has got to be Hojicha. If you did not know, tea leaves are usually steamed and dried. The new Japanese Tea flavour, Hojicha refer to roasted tea. Many commented that Hojicha flavour  gives out a really strong fragrant tea aroma and taste. If you really like tea, you have got to try it! Our last flavour is Milk. Do not mistake it for vanilla, it is really milk flavour instead. It taste really milky and creamy.Those who loves milk, would idolize it while the latter will not.

The soft serves come in two sizes, a mini and a regular. Mini of 4oz cup, regular of 8oz cup. Size may look really different but the portion is really just a half difference. :) If you're a soft serve monster, you'll need the regular one. If you would like to try all three flavours, we recommend you try get 3 cute minis! Works really well for insta photos too :D

Ofcourse, we are not this boring to get stuck with just these flavours! We are now experimenting on weird Japanese flavours! Let's see if you dare try them when we launch them!

Mini going for RM6.90 while regular going for RM9.90. These are all introductory prices. So you better grab it now!

We do have some topping too if you like pairing ice cream with some solid food. As soft serves are really sweet tooth stuff, we have choosen some topping which we think goes really well with our soft serve! Toppings which we currently offer are biscotti, cornflakes, waffle biscuit, nestum, almond flakes and also popcorns! My favourite choice would be nestum, and biscotti! Which is your favourite?

During weekdays daytime, we will only be serving Matcha flavour. For Hojicha & Milk flavour, it will be available after 7.30pm during weekdays and whole day during weekends and also holiday. We decided on this so that we will be able to serve fresh and smooth premium soft serve to our customers! Give us a little more love and support and we will serve them all all day long!

Besides soft serve, we currently also serve coffee and cakes! These drip coffee from Japan might give a milder taste but they have a very soothing and smooth taste. Even someone like me who usually can't accept long black / americano loves it! Tea lovers will also be able to find Matcha / Hojicha / Genmaicha tea here :)

We also some really delicious cakes in our cafe! A few which I have personally handpicked are; Tofu Cheese Cake (ori), Tofu Cheese Cake (Sesame), Japanese Soft Cheesecake and also Matcha Milk Chocolate Cake. Our best is definitely the Tofu cake as many find it really special.

We are currently having a 20% off offer when you purchase Matcha Milk Chocolate Cake + UCC can coffee together. If you want to give them a try, this is a good deal~

P.S. Tokyo is also a place where I hope my customers will create memories which stays with them. Hence, we are currently in collaboration with Play Booth Co. to help you create some lasting memories to look back to in years to come~ If you follow P.S. Tokyo close enough, you will notice that we have a printer which prints all photos posted with the hastag #pstokyo on instagram. This is provided if your account is public, because we can't see what you post too if your account is private!

This is actually the first hashtag printing in Malaysia! come have a look and try it! It's on us! We just want you to have a taste of good food, have a good time and create some good memories in P.S. Tokyo!

We offer more than just softserves, coffee and cakes! If you're looking for a place to hold a birthday celebration or some sort, come talk to us! We have some cakes which are really delicious that's bound to tickle tastebuds! Just order a birthday cake with us and you get a place to hangout for free! That's what we just did last weekend~

Don't this Rosy Mango cake look really fluffy and yummy! The flavour is really tantalizing too!

We love our customers and appreciate support a lot! For now, if you check-in to P.S. Tokyo, you will be able to redeem a mini soft serve with any purchase!

Don't miss out and pay P.S. Tokyo a visit today!

Just in case if you can't find us because our signage is not up yet, we are just right here above the DVD shop and beside INC Cybercafe in SS2!

P/s: See you there!

P.S. Tokyo

a: 80a, Jalan SS2/60, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
t: +6012-2133706 / +6017 6139631

h: Tuesday - Sunday, 12pm to 12am (11pm last call)

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