Friday, 5 December 2014

We (it's just usually bf n me hopping) were initially heading to a cafe in Damansara but did a sudden change in direction because it was off day for them =/

Remembering the cafe mentioned by David, I decided that we head to a cafe near to Paradigm Mall. Arriving at the location, it was a pretty new commercial area and it took us a short while before we found the cafe.

Bf was turning into a grumpy old man because he have not got his coffee fix for the day. #ProblemofDatingaCoffeeAddict

As we got down from the car, I notice it was pretty quiet inside and outside the cafe. When I stepped into the cafe, it was silence and awkward moment as the lady and his chatting partner turned to look at me.

Not sure if they are open for business, I braved myself and asked,"Are you still open?"
The lady boss replied,"Err.. we close at 4 but you can still have a cup"

Looking at my watch, it was 5-10 minutes to 4. Die die wanna get the grumpiness out of the bf, I told the lady boss that we'll be quick. 

The menu was a variety unlike other cafe. There are many single origins to choose from. However, the bf did not order the thing he always wanted to try, the Blue Mountain because he is not sure on the quality of single origins that they offer. (too afraid of some cafe offering macam yes single origins >.< ) Instead, we just have a cup of long black and flat white as usual.

I just thought we are going to get a quick coffee fix and get out of there but the situation took another direction. Ms.Yip, the lady boss asked how I came about to know this place.. and that's how the conversation just started.

We end up having a little tour around her cafe; looking at beans, viewing the roasting room, tasting the cold drip. <3 All these while sipping our coffee. It felt like an educational trip back in school. So much excitement and so much knowledge gathered! 

Here's some to share..

- the common mixture of mainstream coffee are Arabica & Robusta with Arabica being the better quality beans of the two and Robusta being the low quality one.

- caffeine, being a stimulant, can cause heart palpitations for some people. High quantity of caffeine are usually extracted from low quality beans such as Robusta and also from dark roast.

- light to medium roasted beans usually lets out more origin flavors and aroma while dark roast just gives a strong bitter taste and strong aroma.

- cold brew is an extraction method is a process of steeping grinded coffee grounds in room temperature or cold temperature which enable extraction of more subtle flavour of the single origin coffee beans.

- cold drip, not to be mistaken with the above, made by slowly dripping cold filtered water through lightly roasted ground coffee for a period of about 10 hours using a cold drip system, rataining the unique flavours without the acidic oil. It lets out a tint of liquor taste!

- Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the most popular sought after beans. It is actually a classification for coffee beans grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at elevations between 1,500 to 3,000 feet. They are known for the mild flavor and lack of bitterness. I suppose they first got popular in Japan since about 80% of it are exported to Japan. 

- the rise of specialty coffee lets coffee lovers into a more flavorful world and slowly, they deviate to find their favorite from other origins besides the Jamaica Blue Mountain.

- every cup of coffee is acidic. A cup of bitter coffee does not means it is not acidic. It is just that the bitterness covered up the acidic flavors. the acidic flavor of a cup of coffee is usually described with the fruit acidity flavors such as orangy acid, berry acid.. etc..

Bf realize that it was past an hour since we were there and bid goodbye for the time being as not to occupy more of her time.

Never did we know that we would keep going back there for more. It is true that for coffee lovers, once they have been to Beans Depot, they won't want to go anywhere else. 

Even the bf said he don't wanna go cafe hopping anymore >.<

I can honestly say that Beans Depot is the only cafe I know of where true coffee lovers gather.

They have so much to offer, you get a new experience from every visit.

From single origins, cold brew, cold drip, to coffee cocktail! It actually looks more like a coffee bar than a cafe. :D

They even have cupping sessions open to the public! Are you excited or lost now?

Either way, you can go to their facebook to check out on more info :)

address: B-G-5, Jalan SS7/26,
Parklane commercial Hub,
Kelana Jaya.
phone: 012-785 8488

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