Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello December! Everyone says.

We all know December is a great month and I'm just about to introduce something which will make your life greater!

Lazada has been nothing but a familiar name among fashion shoppers, known for always bringing far away brands near to us and still keeping the tags at an affordable price.

This year, Lazada decided to take a bolder move by launching their own in-house curated label, LZD!

Led by Lazada Group's Fashion Creative Director, Anne-Marie Bodal, LZD offers high street fashion in line with the seasons from global catwalk, vintage fashion, and Asian influences. 

While these might be common with all the high street fashion brands from abroad, what perks my interest is that LZD offers collection that are produced with fabrics which caters to the local weather condition, cutting which flatters the Asian curve and prices which lets us sustain our spending budget!

So, who suit the LZD girls? LZD is meant for the cool chicks, the trendsetters, not the fashion followers!

The LZD is a wardrobe of fashion fusion from walkway fashion, vintage influences to Asian trends. Mix them all up and suit them to your own unique style! With continuous update of new pieces, you are bound to get addicted to LZD!

Still unsure what LZD has to offer? Let's dive in to their collection!


Tried out LZD's Long Sleeve Skater Dress in cream. Love the girly lace and the soft cream colour! Throw in a vintage necklace and a belt to flatter the waist and I'll be set to go on a sweet date!

LZD Sleeveless Panel Dress With Slits Black

Super cool dress eh? Love the sheer layer! <3


Jeans // Pants // Skirts // Shorts

This is where you go crazy mixing and matching! Be the trendsetter, not the follower.

Btw, did you notice how crazy the prices are? This explains why many of the pieces are selling out fast!

Shoes // Bags

Deciding on the silver and the denim. Which would you have brought home?

Can't resist and brought home the LZD Wedge Hidden Sneaker (*cheat height sneaker. haha.) in blue denim colour! Did I mentioned that it's one of the best seller and a sold out!

Selling at only RM89, they come in washed denim blue and black.

Remember to complete your whole outfit with a cool bag! Both of these are in my list! Can't wait to get them!

By the way, something cool is coming this 12 Dec! Wonder what it is all about? Just got to keep your eyes on that space when the time comes!

For now, why not start your season shopping at while the discounts are still on and items are still available!!

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