Monday, 15 December 2014

Everyone loves Christmas! 

Well, pretty much everyone except the Grinch who stole Christmas I guess?

But there's always a moment where Christmas gives me a headache *frown* Do you know what that is? It's shopping for present!

I'm the type of person who hates buying things for the sake of giving a present. I dislike getting meaningless presents myself, presents just for the sole purpose of giving. Therefore, it is always the last resort if I am giving some meaningless present to some one. >.<

But this year, I am getting so addicted to buying Christmas presents! Definitely going broke this time!

It's convenient, it is easy, it is the splendid solution for getting presents!

What am I talking about? I'm talking about shopping for presents online! It's such an enjoyable shopping experience I am getting hooked on it!

Let me share my online shopping secrets! 

I have actually made a few purchases through SavingMart Sg

Yup, I am buying presents through a site that provides the best deals and offers! but that does not mean I am compromising on the quality of my presents! Instead, I'm more than happy buying these as presents which are of higher value than the amount I'm paying! *happy*

So far, I have just check out Groupon Singapore because there's so much to screen through! No doubt Groupon Singapore is one of the featured site on SavingMart Sg!

Getting a meaningful present for the kids are one of the most difficult thing to do! It is always toys, toys, toys and more toys! But this year, I will be getting my cute nieces a meaningful all year long present!

Screen through and  this year, it will be an all year long National Geographic magazine subscription for them kids from Groupon Singapore ! <3 

From now on, Savingmart Sg will be my destination for quick hassle-free and value for money shopping! Only one place to browse through for all the great deals and promotion happening in, Zalora, Groupon, Foodpanda and etc!

I recommended to check out the highlighted deals in the featured stores. They are already in my list to check out for more Christmas options later~

Can't express how happy I am! ^^ There's so much more I can buy with the same budget! I'll probably get some fashion items for mom and dad from Zalora and maybe a sweet trip through Expedia for my brother to enjoy with his gf! Oh, not forgetting ordering a yummy candle light dinner to enjoy with you know who! ^^

Thanks Savingmart Sg for making me a generous Santarina this year! Lol~

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