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Good day, everyone! ^^

Since my teen years, I have been lying exceptionally low on this particular repetitive day every year. Maybe I'm just being ignorance about something...

Might have lost everyone by now but it's okay.. Just something written for myself. Haha..


Let's move on tom something more interesting and yummy!

It involves yummy food and cooking! That's like pretty awesome isn't it! Good food and fun!

I've always wanted to join some cooking class coz I knew it would be super duper fun, informational and you get to eat yummy food at the end of the day! (literally) I enjoyed myself so much at this super delicious cooking class with Chef Florence Tan brought to us by Simplot Malaysia that by the end of the day, I left a really happy girl (: Totally turned my mood upside down!

Did you know that most of us have came across Simplot products one way or another? Pretty amusing, right? I didn't know that at first too! My friends usually say that McDonald's serve the bestEST ever french fries and it's true! Did you know who is the french fries supplier for McDonald's? It's Simplot!

Simplot is the world's largest potato grower, manufacturer and supplier and there must be a good reason why they could held such a big market share and sustain them for so long! To be honest, I was not aware of this brand in the market but I'm really glad to be introduced to this brand.

What's so great about Simplot Hashbrown? Well, for a start, it is a frozen food which can be prepared straight away after taking it out from the freezer! No defrosting at all. So convenient and fast to prepare! Totally is the fast food! The good thing is, it is made from real potatoes and does not contain any artificial flavours, colours and preservatives! Who said instant food cannot be real and natural? Now you and I know! Simplot Hashbrowns are also cholesterol-free with zero-grams of trans-fat!

Giving out too much facts? Time to see what's cooking!

Here's the very friendly Chef Florence Tan and her sister! Both are very very nice people. Always smiling and trying to teach us! <3

They demonstrated two dishes which turn out to be heavenly food! Really makes your taste bud go dreamy like they have reached heaven.. Honestly, I always have the impression that those tv chefs only make it look like they are cooking up a good dish but Chef Florence really showed me what a real good cook is!

She and her sister demonstrated the cooking process for two famous Malaysian recipes, Curry Puff and Mee Rebus using hashbrown as the main ingredient!

Hashbrowns are cut into small cubes for in preparation for both the dishes; as the main ingredient in the Curry Puff Filling and the other as a thickening agent for the Mee Rebus gravy.

We all know that potato is the star ingredient in curry puffs but it is such a hassle to clean, peel, cube and cook the potatoes. Well, hassle no more, because we can now use Simplot Hashbrowns as a replacement and it taste even yummier! Kid you not..

Here's an other portion as the thickening agent. Once cubed, they will be blended with some water to soften it and then added into the recipe of the Mee Rebus gravy as a thickening agent.

Now, let the cooking begin! The aroma is so good it makes us all soooo hungry!

Here's Chef Florence showing us how to seal the curry puff.

A big piece of round dough for the top and a small piece for the bottom. Flatten and merge the sides and then lock them up with a twist!

Tadaa! Cute, right?

Then it's time for us to hands on and make our own dishes! I was in the Curry Puff group! Time to put to test is I have a good learning skill. Lol.

Put on the apron and be a cook!

Cut, cut, cut. Dice, dice, dice.

Intensely looking at Florence's sister twisting up the sides to lock the two pieces of round flat dough together. The dough is very soft hence it would break easily if the filling is soft.

Our baked pretty little thing! Don't we look like professionals? Haha.. Actually it's Chef Florence's little babies. Our ugly ducklings were in the oven waiting to be cooked right then.

Tempted to grab a piece?

Potato and Vegetable Cutlet by another team.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

This is very easy to prepare. Malaysian style spaghetti bolognese with pop corn hashbrown.

Yes! That's not all! After the cooking class, we were spoilt with a table full of scrumptious food!
1. Caesar Salad 2. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio 3. Marinated Chicken 4. Scones ! So much food! Which to take? All of it! At the end of the session, we all felt so much more heavier. Lol.

Well, that's not all!

We still have this special Mee Rebus recipe by Chef Florence Tan! Definitely one of the best Mee Rebus I have ever tasted!

Layer it with the gravy and we are good to go! *slurp! It's so good it's sold out in a jiffy! I mean grabbed up. Haha..  It was going so hot, it's basically first some first serve! Kinda feel sorry for people who missed this.

Here's the forever smiling Chef Florence Tan with her yummy bowl of Mee Rebus! She definitely have a great personality. 

Grabbed a picture with these two nice ladies before I go off ^^ Thanks for the great meal and all the great tips for cooking such as.. soaking chicken meat in flour water to remove the raw chicken taste.. the recipe to crunchy curry puff skin and etc!

Thanks to Simplot Malaysia for such a great experience and exposure to these valuable knowledge! Simplot Malaysia is so awesome that each of us got a goodie bag before we leave! A chill bag holding a container with two pack of hashbrowns!

If you have read till the end, it means you are some one who is really interested in cooking! Well, guess what? You have a chance to cook up a personal dish and win some prizes from Simplot Malaysia!

Simplot is organizing the first-ever 'Simplot Award - Malaysia's est Home Chef'! You can simply participate by creating a recipe using Simplot Hashbrown range of products and upload a photo of your finished product together with the recipe! Best 20 recipes will be shortlisted to receive RM200 vouchers from Tesco and goodie bag from Simplt Malaysia! The top 8 finalist will compete the final cook-off in June 19 and win greater prizes!

Visit for more info!

Good luck to those participating!

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