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The listener can never fully capture the whole picture of a story no matter how detail the story teller is because there are bound to be information which are missed or being interpreted differently.


Dropped our bags and went to look for food!

Wanted to try Sunrise Beach Restaurant but it wasn't open. So we tried this one beside it. Not sure what's the restaurant name but I think it's Kaixo Restaurant.

Love the triangle fold-able bed thing.. Seems so comfortable!!!  ^^

Pad Thai.

Pad Thai again.

Don't know why I ordered this omelette rice.. and that's Black / Green Tea. Taste just like normal english tea though.

 3 Types of tea that perked out curiosity. Haha.

One of the recommended place for dinner. Nee Papaya!

They also have fresh seafood grill ! Yumm! Very very fresh catch!

Made out of mostly bamboo furniture which I love ^^ Creates a very homey feeling.

Did you know that it's so hard to get really coconut water here? Usually they would give you santan juice which is crazy.. o.O Imagine drinking santan water... *heart starts to sink in santan*

Stir-fry morning glory. We are so used to calling this Kangkung in Malaysia that we get so confused when people call this morning glory. Yup. This is called Morning Glory in english. So don't be shocked when you see morning glory in Thai menu. It's perfectly normal and no it is not the Morning Glory Purple-ish flower. Haha..

Tom Yam! This damn thing is crazy hot! So hot I can feel my lips burning >.< Yes, my tolerance to spicy food is pretty low. 

I still think the one place that serves good thai food is this particular restaurant in Kuah, Langkawi. So many patrons that they are actually fully booked even at 8.00 p.m. Nuts, right? But it's true and I'm so sad we can't eat it this time around. Their Mango rice is yummy and so is the rest of the dishes..!! 

Opps... deviated from topic. Haha..

This tom Yam fried rice is a total let down. To begin with, the rice was soggy. Not much tom yam taste..

Still edible but definitely not preferable.

The only good stuff here is the grill! It's not just good, it's pretty much one of the best grilled seafood I have ever eaten! 

The sotong / cuttlefish was still very juicy and not dry at all! When placed into the mouth, you can taste the aroma and the texture was just right, not too soft nor hard. Very chewy too.. Superb when dipped in the sweet and sour sauce with a tint of spiciness.

The grilled cuttlefish was so good we decided to order another one! Grilled fish! Don't know what fish is this but it was very very fresh! No fishy smell! The meat sticks together and was soft but also solid. Can even taste the sweetness! Again, they retained the juice in the fish. How often do you come across these kinda grilled seafood where they were cooked perfectly? Just right. *lick fingers*

Overall, the food in the menu was meh but the grilled stuff... Oh, so good!

Welcome to Walking Street! This is the happening spot but usually on Peak season.. When we were there in May, the low peak just started. Almost half of the shops were closed.

The street consist a lot of eateries, bars, convenient stores, souvenir stores, massage parlour, diving material stores and etc..

This eatery, Thai Lady was advertised in the map and we thought that the Mango Sticky Rice wouldn't go wrong here so we gave it a try.

Our Mango Sticky Rice and cup of Santan Water!! Better make sure it is Coconut Water instead of the Santan Juice next time when you order ^^ Haha.. Honestly, the Mango Sticky Rice was a let down. It taste weird. Think perhaps they added brown sugar on it. o.o *sigh* the mango itself was crazy good though! Yummz!

Came across this cool Diving Spot Map. Yup, this island is also popular with it's diving spots!

My friend booked diving spots with Adang Sea Divers facing Sunrise Beach. Can't really remember how much they cost. About RM100 per dive? and we went for two which cost.. RM 200? About that.. Can't remember the prices but think it is crazy costly :S

The waves was pretty crazy at some spot which made me didn't really enjoy the dive. Doesn't help that my last dive was in 2009. Lol. Shall go for more dives!

But the coral  bed, coral gardens are really crazy beautiful ^^

Spot this dead coral on the beach and thought it needed a head! Do you see what I see?

The flowers here have pretty colours too! I've only seen the white ones in Malaysia..

This dog is very passionate about chasing little fishes. Cute. Lol. But it doesn't swim anywhere deeper where it cannot touch the ground.

Laundry anyone?

This is actually a spot dug under near a tree and these two puppies came to find shelter from the heat here. Haha.. Cute fluffy fellas.

One of the puppy trying to mess with the big dog. Looks similar to one I have at home ^^

Strolled along Pattaya Beach where most of the Bars are at. It is also the drop off and pick up place. Like a jetty point.

Took this snap shot when waiting for the ferry. Doesn't it just look like a scene from a movie?

The kids are so adorable!

Overall, it was a pretty good trip! The weather was good to us. Just didn't like the strong currents during the dive. Yes, it was crazy under water as well although it doesn't look that bad above.

Would definitely be more lively and more choices of food if it wasn't Low Peak Season. During Low Peak, about half of the shops really took time off. Close out completely or in for renovation.

So.... advisable to visit during Peak Season..

Here's a map for review:

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