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Just a little pricing info on the trip!

We actually booked AirAsia's Zero Fare last year with the intention of going to Koh Lipe from Langkawi. Basic cost per person is as below;

-Air Asia Flight ticker - RM55 / person 
(2 ways between Langkawi and KL)

-Nagoya Inn @ Kuah, Langkawi -  RM101 / person 
(2 nights - before going and after coming back from Koh Lipe)

- Ferry @ Jetty - RM251.40 / person 
(2 ways between Langkawi and Koh Lipe)

-The Reef Hotel @ Koh Lipe, Thailand - RM161 / person 
(2 nights)

- Car Rental @ Langkawi - RM 50 / person  
(2 days - RM 150 for 2 days per car )

Trip consist of 5 Days and 4 Night. Total cost for basics mentioned above .. RM 618.40

The essential that cost the most has got to be the Ferry Ticket from Telaga Terminal to Koh Lipe. It is a little confusing as to where we will be boarding the ferry to Koh Lipe. Is it Telaga Harbour or Kuah Jetty? In the printed ticket, it says Kuah Jetty but it turned out to be at Telaga Harbour for us.  O.O

Hence, guys, please check carefully with the service provider which is the place to board your ferry!


Nagoya Inn  is actually quite new in a way. During accommodation hunting, I always prefer accommodation which is new rather than one which is highly rated with stars. What's the use of high star rating accommodation when it's old and dirty, right?

Nagoya Inn  was previously another inn taken over by Nagoya Inn and refurbished. If I'm not mistaken, it was barely a year old when we were there. The price comes with a basic breakfast as well! Nothing fancy but enough to kick start your morning. ^^

We're happy to get a Standard Triple room. Usually, it's hard to get room for three. So.. yes, thank god for that! Bed and pillow was pretty comfortable ^^

Everything was very neat, new and need I say clean?

Rain shower! Another thing I am very particular about in a hotel room is the water pressure. Shower with high water pressure is pure relaxing and heavenly, especially when I need to wash my hair.

It was such a frustration at another accommodation we rented last year in Langkawi. Water pressure was crazy low. *show frustrated face*

Sneak peak @ pricing.

Along the corridor on the first floor, there will be a few of these hollow ways in between for some relaxation outside the room. Pretty cool, huh?

WIFI is available and pretty reliable too. Great connection and speed. <3

Overall, we had very good sleep on the comfortable bed. It was pretty quiet on the first night there. Things got a little noisy on our 2nd stay as there were more occupants and they were making noise. There are connecting doors in between every two rooms and noise from the next room can easily travel in from the small space under the door. Other than that, you pretty much have your privacy in the room. 

It is near to Kuah Jetty and Kuah Town but the good food and happening stuff + beach is always @ Cenang Beach. So it depends on where you want to be near, your budget and other requirements! There is also quite a lot of shopping places around at Kuah.

After a good night rest, we packed and got ready for Koh Lipe! Took us about 45 minutes / an hour drive from Kuah Town to Telaga Harbour. Rented car was left there for collection. Hence it is pretty convenient.

I love this blue colour building! Looks like some summer holiday house. Haha.

Yachts docked all over the place. Sooo many, right?!

On the way to Koh Lipe! Sky looking great on our arrival ^^

finally we're here! There's no jetty for the ferry to dock. It just stopped near the island beside a long boat like the one above and we hopped on to it. When it reach the shore, have to jump down the boat or climb out the boat with a small portable ladder onto the shallow water. We were definitely wet to the hips when we got down!

The current was a little strong and I helped this Pak Cik off the boat. Kinda worried for him as he looks pretty fragile and I thought it was kinda crazy to have a senior citizen climb out of the boat like this on the beach shore.

Anyway, important note to anyone going there; wear sandals or slippers and something simple like shorts. :) Less messy when you get wet while getting off the boat. Haha..

The island is pretty small. Everything is kind of within walking distant but if you are too lazy, there's always the cheap motor cab :)

More about this beautiful island which is deemed the Maldives of Thailand in the next post!

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